Dominic Monaghan Uncharted 4 rumours resurface


Not very long ago, it seemed that pint-sized Lord of the Rings and Lost actor Dominic Monaghan had outed a new Uncharted game from developer Naughty Dog, saying that’s he’s really looking for to playing the new Uncharted next year.

It lead many to wonder if he knew something the rest of us didn’t and was perhaps lending his vocal talents to the next game in Nathan Drake’s adventures.

He might be; he recently revealed he’s been hanging out at Naughty Dog’s studios, via Twitter.

It’s entirely possible he’s just there for giggles, but it’s more than likely that he’s going to be working on something that may or may not be Uncharted 4.

The game was recently listed by an online retailer in what may have been a pre-emptive strike, though it could be indicative of the game’s impending announcement.

Do you want Uncharted 4? As I said before, I’m really keen to see what magic could be wrought by Naughty dog on the PS4, but I’m not sure I want it to be more Uncharted. they’ve demonstrated a knack for creating interesting new IP, and I’d really like to see more new things from Naughty Dog.


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  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Such a tease!

  • Hammersteyn

    This is “Merry” news indeed.

  • Milesh Bhana

    i would love to see a next-gen Jak and Daxter game. heck, even a current gen one for that matter.

  • MacDoodle

    Man how cool would a J&D be on ps4? Something new would be nice too but I won’t be complaining if they release UC4 or a sequel/tie in to TLOU they can have my money

    • Umar Jaeger

      J&D would be so awesome, picked up the collection PS+ last month, soooo gooood

      • MacDoodle

        Hey bra I got this one in my sights too but my HDD is full right now courtesy of gta, cant wait to see it in HD esp the Precursor Legacy that game came out of nowhere and blew me away 😀

      • Milesh Bhana

        same here. never had a PS2 so missed this series, still really good despite it’s age. And the 3D is a nice touch :)

  • Umar Jaeger

    As much as I love Uncharted, Naughty Dog has proven just what a beast of a company they are, I would , as Gav, prefer a new IP. Not that I would complain, it’s just I want to feel some ND emotions

  • Jonah Cash

    Give me a new Uncharted any day!! The 3 games that have been replayed more than any other in my house!!! Better series than Gears of War in my opinion, even though I own both….

  • Martin du preez

    Uncharted on PS4 will look better than real life

  • Tidycpc

    new IP

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