Breaking: The MSSA is no longer affiliated with SASCOC 

Matthew Figueira
July 3, 2014 at 12:51 pm


We’ve received word, and subsequently confirmed with SASCOC that Mind Sports South Africa is no longer affiliated with the organisation. Story developing. While we wait, here are some inferences that can be made as we await more news:

The MSSA is no longer allowed to award national or provincial colours – we are awaiting news about which bodies will receive this authorization. The MSSA is no longer the official eSports body in the country – anyone can compete in international tournaments without the MSSA holding any authority over team names, though there may still be legal hurdles regarding the use of the Flag, and official South African representation.

We spoke to the office of SASCOC’s Patience Shikwambana, and while she was not available herself, SASCOC’s Liaison Officer informed us that “MSSA are no longer connected to SASCOC.” They are unable to confirm anything further via telephone, and have asked us to fire of a mail, which we have done. We await their response. We have similarly heard the same from another government source. We have also contacted the MSSA, and were told to call back later.

Speaking to some affiliated members, we have been told that the MSSA has not informed their members of this change as of yet. Knowledge of these changes of course prompted them to ask a very pertinent question:

“So what is the point of membership?”

We are awaiting further news about why this connection was severed and will be reporting on that as we know more.

[Update] MSSA insiders have informed us that the MSSA is saying this is all a misunderstanding. They are claiming that they still have SASCOC affiliation, but that there are issues surrounding the indigenous games (e.g. Moraboraba) because those clubs are unable to submit clean books. MyGaming is reporting that SASCOC CEO says the MSSA is suspended pending a hearing and that processes were underway. MSSA General Secretary, Colin Webster replied that this is a “knee-jerk” reaction from SASCOC in response to a number of complaints.

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  • Daniel van Flymen

    So apparently we weren’t allowed to say that DC represented SA when we went to the World Cyber Games because we refused to join the MSSA… that can’t be true?

  • Sir Rants A Lot Llew. Jelly!!!

    Sasquach urrrr I mean SASCOC has finally realised that the MSSA has so far done nothing good for their image in eSports

  • ghostR

    I think its time to build a proper eSports system in South Africa.

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  • Doug

    Anything new on this for today. Please make my Friday even better

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  • Archzion

    Hmm seems like there could be a kinkel in the kabel

    • neilhza

      Ok, so the organisation that insists on bringing this sport under government control is now moaning about politics?

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  • Nick Wilkins

    Does anyone have any clarification on what “clean books” means?

    Are the MSSA’s financials in a bit of a muck or am I reading to much into it?

    • Gavin Mannion

      The clean books rumour is nothing more than just a rumour that we have been told by one person and it isn’t for the entire MSSA but just a club in the MSSA.

      Personally I can’t see SASCOC suspending the MSSA just because one of their members clubs has a problem with their accounts.

      We will follow up with SASCOC again shortly to try and get an updated response

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