Bravado takes an early lead in the Dota 2 SECS Season 2


Season 2 of the MyGaming Sunday Evening Cup Series hosted by Polarfluke is underway and Bravado Gaming has taken an early lead by winning the first week.

Eight teams battled it out in the arena, Season 1 teams Team Immersion and Bravado Gaming clashed in the first round. Team Immersion were the winners of the R1500 first prize in Season 1, Bravado Gaming came in second. However this time, Bravado was fully prepared and determined to take the win. Notably, in the first round Energy eSports and Matt’s FUN Buddies, who are also Season 1 teams were pitted against each other. Both teams were tied in third place. Matt’s FUN Buddies progressed to the finals where they met up with Bravado Gaming, but couldn’t manage to take the victory.


SECS season 2 week 1 results

If you’d like to compete in the SECS, you can signup on the MyGaming forums. Any team is welcome to join in the tournament, whether you are a casual or hard core team, The SECS are aimed at providing teams regular and structured practise and opportunity to better themselves. Here’s the schedule for Season 2:

Week 1:
Registration Opens: 3rd April 2013
Bracket Play: 7th April 2013
Week 2:
Registration Opens: 10th April 2013
Bracket Play: 14th April 2013
Week 3:
Registration Opens: 17th April 2013
Bracket Play: 21st April 2013
Week 4:
Registration Opens: 24th February 2013
Bracket Play: 28th April 2013
Week 5(Playoffs):
Tiebreakers for top 8(if needed): 1st-2nd May 2013
Playoff Bracket: 5th May 2013

For all the information on how the tournament works as well as the rules, visit this page.

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Games are also streamed on Polarfluke’s TwitchTV channel; all you have to do to spectate is go to the link and watch. SECS games kickoff at 5pm every Sunday night.

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