Bravado Gaming launches online store and magazine

Bravado Gaming

Y’ello summer! It’s been excruciatingly hot in S.A this summer and heating things up even more is the launch local eSports organization, Bravado gaming’s online magazine and store. Bravado’s got some serious sponsors behind them and no longer just a clan in the country, check out the details.

Bravado Gaming is one of South Africa’s oldest clans (in old school terms) and one of the most successful. They have competitive teams that have been dominating in their respective game titles on the local eSports scene for years and have always strived to be the best. The latest of their ventures is nothing short of impressive, they’ve launched their new website with paid journalists who are all known in the community and actually play games, pretty good as well. They’ve also launched an online store with ROCCAT, Razer and SteelSeries gaming gear.


The online magazine features great opinion articles and updates of various game titles, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Dota 2, Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 3. There are also articles covering gamers and the gaming industry in general.

Online Store

The online store features ROCCAT, Razer and SteelSeries products from headsets to keyboards, mice, mousepads and accessories. You can order your products through the store and have them delivered right to you. More hardware and merchandise will be added this week.

Future features

  • Community blogs
  • Latest videos
  • Downloads – demos and replays
  • Gamer guides

It’s incredible to see local eSports organizations taking things to the next level, becoming more gaming career orientated and showing that gaming can be profitable and a viable career choice. I’m pretty sure it takes many months of blood, sweat and tears, but hey! It’s worth it.

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So check out Bravado Gaming’s website for some interesting reads and their online store catalogue and show our local scene some support.

Author: Yolanda Green

I like bacon and games, and occasionally I say something coherent about it. I'm not old or cynical, and I'm not the Dork Knight. I AM SHE-RA! Wait, what?

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    Oh, and RAZER!!!

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    Oh, and RAZER!!!

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