Blizzard registers Project Blackstone

Blizzard has registered a new domain called, no one knows what it’s for and Blizzard hasn’t given any comment. It can only be World of Diablo III Titan Warcraft. Or something. 

Speculation time! Project Blackstone could be the Diablo III expansion, referring to The Black Soulstone, however it could also be for some strange reason an alias for the ‘oh so secret’ Titan. Titan being an MMO allegedly in development for the last five years, meaning we’ll probably only see it really surface after another five years. Another, very far fetched possibility is, that Blizzard has started working on something entirely new, DUN DUN DUNNNN!

The domain name was originally registered by a resident of Texas, but never renewed after it expired in 2011. Then on 26 November, Blizzard registered it. Not that it has any apparent significance to anything (I think), but I thought I’d just put in here anyway.

What ever this “Project Blackstone” may be (Diablo III expansion go time!), it’ll be very interesting to see what Blizzard replies, if and when they should choose to do so. Press are probably flooding them with requests, so we might see a reply or statement soon. 

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Author:Yolanda Green

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