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For a game that is still in “beta”, Dota 2 is bringing gamers a lot cash. This year seems to be kicking off with a bang for the title as ESL announce the biggest prize pool outside of Valve’s own International competition.

The math: R1, 418, 522 prize pool, spread over four seasons, meaning R354, 630.5 a season. Leaving the winning team with possibly (should the pool be split between the top three teams) R118, 219 per season. Divided by five team players, R23, 642 a player. That’s R23, 642 every three months.

This, ladies and gentlemen is a big enough salary to sustain a decent lifestyle and more than the money earned by many people with just regular jobs. And all these gamers need is a PC that can run Dota 2.  Dota 2, which right now, is free – and I’m pretty sure every person on the planet has a beta key, whether they know about it or not. Who wouldn’t want to be a pro-gamer?

Where does all this cash come from? Well, ESL has announced their new tournament with the prize pool of $156, 000 with RaidCall as its main sponsor. The good news is that this is great for eSports, the bad news, it’s only for Europeans. The entire competition will be broadcast by ESL TV, with multiple days of the best matches shoutcast for your viewing pleasure. The finals will take place at a live event. 

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