Behind the scenes of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

The Witcher developers CD Projekt have a new game on the way, and it’s full of punks. Cyberpunks to be exact. Cyberpunks in the year 2077 to be super-duper exact. A debut trailer hit us last week, and while it showed zero actual gameplay, it was a hell of a mood-setter. And here’s how that psycho stunner was made.



Created by Platige, the Polish team has worked before with CDP, such as on The Witcher 2. As usual, in order to get the film made, some concepts had to be drawn up before any real work could begin. But once they got that design hurdle out of the way? Man, they went all out. Real actors, studios and special effects were thrown into the mix, which is why the models in that trailer looked so damn good and impressive. It’s a lengthy read, but well worth your time if you’re into any aspect of the film industry. If words don’t attract you though, then here are some purdy pictures of the process instead.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that catchy tune was that was used in the trailer? That happens to be Bullets by Archive. Personal responsibility, personal responsibilittttttyyyyyy…


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