Age of Mythology: Expanded Edition arrives May 8


I’m still a die-hard fan of Age of Empires, and I dig occasionally starting a game and flooding an enemy base with Teutonic Knights, or as I like to call it, Ze Cherman attack Tommy. A spin-off of that franchise, Age of Mythology, was also pretty rad over a decade ago. And it’s back, with a few new upgrades.

An update of the 2002 real-time strategy game which gave players armies and the wrath of (INSERT GOD HERE), the game has received the following new features:

  • Improved visuals: time of day, improved water, shadows, bump / specular maps, global lighting, anti-aliasing, and ambient occlusion.
  • Steamworks: mods via Steam Workshop, multiplayer, achievements, trading cards, leagues / badges / events, and cloud saves.
  • Extended features: Twitch streaming integration, treaty mode, and enhanced observer mode.

The expansion pack, The Titans, is also included. So what does it look like in action? Like this:

Age of Mythology doesn’t look that dated at all actually, and has held up well over the last decade plus change. Age of Mythology: The Expanded Edition is available for pre-purchase right now, and buying it before May 8 means that the game will cost you $23.99. After that release date, it’ll be $29.99 for the latecomers.

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  • Kromas

    Back on topic. Enhanced fish AI?

  • Kensei Seraph

    This is the game that got me interested in mythology.

  • b1nd3r

    i need to find a way to block all steam talk and deals >.< my wallet cant handle this

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    That’s cool, I actually enjoyed Age of Mythology. Would actually love a new Rise of Nations though

    • Aries

      This game a step forward, think they finally seeing that money can be made from this, e.g dota, though Rise of Nations is good, i loved empire earth for the amount of units

  • Stan Smith

    30$ for a 12 year old game…lol

  • Kristen

    Omg this is so exciting..

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