Halo 4 tourney Round 2 this weekend!

Lone wolves and clans alike will engage in the second round of epic battle this weekend, deciding who will proceed to the quarter finals. This round will see a Geoff versus Darryn faceoff, place your bets!

The war rages on after the first official round of Microsoft’s local Halo 4 tournament. The first round had its little moments but the tournament admins responded with awesomeness getting the tournament back on track in the nick of time.

Fourteen clans will go head to head in Map round 2: Ravine Settler on 24 November in single elimination knockout rounds starting at 19:00. The winners will go through to the semi’s which will be held on 1 December, which will be the last time matches will take place over Xbox Live. Check out the schedule and matchups here.

The lone wolves will have to fight their way through two more rounds. This will take place on 23 November, seeing the top four players going though to a third round that same night after eliminating the bottom four players. Map round 2 for the loners will be held on Solace, Map round 3 on Impact. Geoff and Darryn will be competing in the same group at 19:29 that evening. I got my money on Darryn! Just because Geoff made me review a farming simulator *evil grin*. Check out the schedule and participants at this link.

The finals of this tournament will be held at a super secret venue that will not be named until January next year and will play out in front of a live audience. 

Author: Yolanda Green

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