Bitch-slaps, rhythmic walking and explosions in the new Spartan Ops trailer


So this one time, in this Halo 4 Spartan Ops trailer, this “older” lady walked up to this younger guy and slapped the white off of his face. It was awesome. I bet you want to see it.

Spartan Ops is a, well, uh, let me just quote that for you:

Spartan Ops is a story-driven, episodic co-op adventure that blends immersive storytelling, high-quality cinematics and action-packed gameplay to deliver an unprecedented serialised experience, exclusively on Xbox 360.

And its available today via Xbox LIVE, but only for the special gamers, you know those gamers with the Xbox LIVE Gold memberships. Spartan Ops Episode 7 will include a CG cinematic and five new gameplay chapters, and will require about 8GB of hard drive space. 

Don’t forget folks!

You could join us at the Halo 4 finals taking place in Johannesburg on 9 February. And that’s not all, Gears of War: Judg(e)ment will be playable on the floor, so you could be one of the first lucky gamers in S.A to get your grubby little Gears hands on that sweet, sweet chainsaw-duct-taped-to-a-gun gameplay.

Author: Yolanda Green

I like bacon and games, and occasionally I say something coherent about it. I'm not old or cynical, and I'm not the Dork Knight. I AM SHE-RA! Wait, what?

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