Yes, please set Assassin’s Creed 4 in ancient China

Before it was announced that Assassin’s Creed 3 was being set in America there was a large Internet rumour about it being set in Japan in the age of samurais and emperors. It might not be Japan, but  someone from Deviant Art has put together some concept art for a different part of Asia; China. It looks incredible, and I really want to see this become a reality.

The Chinese arm of the Brotherhood of Assassins is already well established withing the series lore, even establishing the Italian lothario Ezio as a mentor of sorts to a female Asian assassin, Shao Jun.  Assassin’s Creed’s creative director Alex Hutchinson has previously said that World War 2, feudal Japan and ancient Egypt would make dismal Assassin’s Creed backdrops but maybe, just maybe we’ll get to see China. The only other time I’d like to explore would be the era where the Boer, Zulus and English were all fighting to claim this glorious land. The only problem is that they’d likely get it entirely wrong and ruin a perfectly good story.

Thanks to Gamingbolt for finding these

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