The Playstation Vita Will Have A 20MB Download Limit (On 3G)


Besides having possibly the worst name for a gaming device that I have ever heard, the PS… – I really don’t want to say it… OK, I will call it the PSV then – … the PSV looks like a pretty solid mobile console-in-your-pocket.

When I was a kid, all we had was monsters in our pockets. I realize that to young people, that may have been very misunderstood for something really dirty. Where was I again?

Oh yes… 3G downloads are going to be really, really small.

Adriasang reports (taken and translated from ASCII) that some anonymous bloke from Sony has confirmed that the PSV will pack the same 3G download limit as seen featured on the iPhone 4.

Now granted, an iPhone is not a lightweight gaming device anymore, however it’s not exactly the super-duper gaming powerhouse that Sony is claiming to unleash on video gamer’s faces in the near future.

A 3G limit of only 20MB means that you will be limited to same basic stuff like updates and extras… maybe some teensy weensy little Minis games, unless you are near a Wi-Fi connection of course. Now as South African’s we laugh at the idea of downloading most things on our overly expensive 3G connections, but for the rest of the world it comes across as more of a bummer if they actually have access to the bandwidth but can’t use it.

What was added however, was that this limit will be this small at launch, but could be changed further down the line if necessary. I think that would be a good idea.

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Will you be getting the PSV? Do you also hate its name as much as me?

Author: Nick de Bruyne

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