EA claims Battlefield is an annual title…


Earlier this year the Kevin O’Leary the global product manager at Electronic Arts kick started a mini firestorm by publicly claiming that Black Ops looks tired and needs a year off.

Obviously implying that Call of Duty is being milked by being an annual franchise.

The media instantly jumped on the “EA annualises everything bandwagon” and much merriment was had by all… however with the poor showing of EA’s recent Medal of Honor game this comment may come back to bite Kevin where he would least enjoy it.

According to the latest financial update from EA Battlefield is now an annualised title targeting $1 Billion a year. In their own words

"Record numbers of players have engaged in the online features and content downloads for FIFA 13, Madden NFL 13, and Battlefield," said EA President Frank Gibeau. "On the strength of our digital extensions, FIFA and Battlefield are the two biggest revenue events in our company’s history. Both are well on their way to becoming billion dollar annual franchises."

Now these investor releases are scrutinised by everyone from the CEO to the paper boy before being released so this is highly unlikely to be a typo. Is this how EA decided to break the news that they will no longer be alternating with Medal of Honor moving forward or is it just an admission that the overload of DLC will continue unabated?

I personally have no issue with the annualised nature of COD, FIFA or Madden. If the game is exciting enough I’ll part with my hard earned money again as I see nothing wrong with a game only giving me 12 months of entertainment for R550.

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Oh in other news EA lost $381 million last year… ouch.

Author: Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer

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