What you can expect from Guild Wars 2 this year


I don’t play MMO’s. There’s a very good reason for this; I’d probably become horribly addicted and spend months, perhaps even years, sitting in front of my PC in my underwear, never leaving the house. Truth be told, that’s pretty much how my life is right now, but it’d get worse…I’m sure. Still, if there’s one I would play, it’s Guild Wars 2; 2012’s most critically acclaimed MMO.

In fact, so successful is the game that it’s sold over 3 million copies, made all the better by the fact that because it’s subscription free, not one of those 3 million people need pay another cent to play the game (Though ArenaNet surely hopes you spend your coin buying stuff from their marketplace). Still, people have moaned about there not being an awful lot to do once you’ve hit the level cap, so ArenaNet’s detailed what fans can expect from the MMO in the coming year.

You can read the whole long post over at ArenaNet or just watch lead content developer Colin Johanson explain everything in convenient video form.

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Any of you still playing Guild Wars 2? What do you think of the proposed changes and additions?

If you haven’t even dipped your toes in to Guild Wars 2’s waters, read our handy Guild Wars 2 primer to see of it’s the right game for you.

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Author: Geoffrey Tim

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