Valve’s ‘Steam-Box’ has a codename and some new details


2013 is shaping up to be the year of the console, and for once, it’s a year that isn’t dominated by the usual suspects. We’ve already got a handheld Nvidia console on the way, open source games in the form of the Ouya and of course, Valve’s very own Steam Box. I think, because I’m kind of confused here as to what exactly this piece of hardware is exactly.Anyway, details and pictures for a Steam-powered computer device, after the jump.

And according to the deets from Polygon, that modular computer for your living room is codenamed “Piston”. Built by hardware maker Xi3 alongside Valve, the hand-sized PC boasts a terabyte of internal storage and will have modular component upgrade options for the CPU and RAM.


The demo unit also had an Ethernet port, 1/8’ audio in/out, four USB ports, four eSARAp ports, two mini display ports, an HDMI port and room for SPDIF optical audio.

Xi3 chief marketing office David Politis said at CES that in terms of power, the Piston would be around the same “performance level” as the X7A PC from the company.


That level of performance comes at a price though. Politis wouldn’t divulge any information on how much the Piston would be at launch, but their aforementioned X7A PC already costs $999 (R8500), while the entry level X5A would set you back $499 (R4270). And that comes bundled with Geoff’s worst nightmare for gaming, a Linux operating system.

PC Gaming, cheaper than console gaming, amirite?

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