Enslaved was simply released at the wrong time

Enslaved was released in October last year to stellar reviews, our own review gave the title a solid 8.5/10 and we recommended then that everyone go out and pick this game up.

But unfortunately no one listened and sales of Enslaved have continued to be pretty dismal for such a top title, but why is this?

Namco Bandai’s UK Marketing Director, Lee Kirton, has been chatting to OXM about this and thinks that basically there is nothing wrong with the game and that the failings were entirely theirs. Which is something you don’t hear every day.

According to Lee the problem was simply that Namco believed the title would sell itself, based purely on it’s quality, and so they didn’t pay enough attention to the release window or marketing.

Enslaved was released into an incredibly busy market and unfortunately was just squashed by some of the stellar end of year titles that we saw last year.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing but if they had just held out and released it in say April or June this year it most probably would have done a lot better and we’d now be talking about a sequel.

However with it’s low lifetime sales of 700 000 and the title still not being profitable it’s hard to imagine an Enslaved 2 hitting our shelves anytime soon.

Author: Gavin Mannion

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