The Lazygamer Podcast – Episode 011: I’m a Wolf-asaurus Rex


Through fire and downtime, we return to bring your this next episode of The Lazygamer Podcast.

We all drool over Modern Warfare 2 and get into interesting discussions about kicking Barbara Streisand (say what? yes she must be kicked). While I still remain unaffected by the Zombie disease, Marc and Danny have at least managed to find a cure for themselves, meaning that we are once again running at 100%.

  • Modern Warfare 2 first trailer gets us very excited
  • Gears of War armor coming to out avatars
  • Save game has a mass effect on the new Mass Effect
  • Halo Anime has some serious talent behind it
  • Splinter Cell goes into hiding, till next year
  • Some changes to Xbox Live’s community games section
  • Castle Crashers coming to PS3
  • Uncharted 2 Release Date
  • Why Indie game are awesome and need our support.

Write to us with your thoughts, or even if you just have something that you really want to say at [email protected] and if you have an interesting suggestion, topic or question, we may even read it on the podcast. It’s just like being on TV, except it really isn’t.

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Author: Nick de Bruyne

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  • Cleric

    Wait a sec. Is that dislekcia?

  • *nod*

  • Cleric

    Thought I recognised the voice (and spot on opinnions/discussion)

  • *wave*

  • Aequitas

    I wonder who that other guy in the podcast is …. he’s kind odd

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