Xbox 360

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 20 Oct 2014

I have no idea why publishers are doing this more and more recently, but launch trailers for games are coming in way before games are set for launch. The latest game to see a launch trailer half a month before its release is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 17 Oct 2014

It’s that time of the year again. Actually it was that time last month, but our review copies only arrived late so we couldn’t bring you the breaking news that FIFA 15 is pretty much FIFA 14 with a new number on the end.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 17 Oct 2014

We’re in a new current-gen. This is the time of the year that I’m officially declaring new-gen and next-gen to be obsolete words, after the adoption of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’re in a generation of gaming that is promising more power, more social interactions and less shiny horse armour DLC. But to get there, some of us had to let go of the past. How easy was it for you?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 16 Oct 2014

I am rubbish at Call of Duty. So rubbish in fact, that I can’t tell you the last time I got a score streak that earned me anything more than a slap in the face.   I’m not one of those guys who regularly call in choppers, nukes, UAV’s and packs of rabid dogs. Here’s a new video showing how Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s highly customisable multiplayer scorestreaks will work. Basically, It’s a video showing a bunch of digital toys I’ll never get to play with.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 16 Oct 2014

I’ve said before how I have close to zero interest in the newest game bearing the Saint’s Row name. I loved Saint’s Row for being silly back when GTA was in its dark, emo teenager phase – but now that that’s fun again, and Saint’s Row’s turned the stupid up to eleventy bajillion, I just don’t see the point. Still, as far as odd wish-fulfilment fantasy games go, Saint’s Row is now near the top. Especially if you’ve ever wanted to go to hell.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 15 Oct 2014

I am unashamedly excited for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - the sequel to one of the better franchise entries of late. It will take Claire Redfield, as well as newcomer Moira Burton (daughter of Barry ‘lol Jill sandwich’ Burton), and put them up against all manners of horror. Much to my delight, the game finally has a release date.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 15 Oct 2014

Yesterday Bungie detailed a new hot fix that would be going live later in the day. It did, bring a host of small tweaks and changes to the game’s weapons and raids. Some players, however, are finding that the patch also manages to destroy their Destiny installation altogether.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 14 Oct 2014

The Evil Within has a lot of promise to live up to. Fans of Shinji Mikami's previous work have high hopes that this new survival horror will rekindle the slower, more dread-filled days of the Resident Evil franchise. Does it succeed in delivering a heart attack inducing experience?

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 14 Oct 2014

Despite all of the negative press, Destiny still has a surprisingly large active player base. It might not be as high as Bungie would've hoped, but their continued support could entice some burned players to return. Especially those who loved their scout rifles, because they're finally useful.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Oct 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! tells the story of everything that happened between the numbered games, and of Handsome Jack’s slow decent in to megalomania. It’s also not not actually developed by Gearbox this time, with development duties instead handled by 2K games Australia. Has that led to a decent game, or should the pre-sequel! have stayed down under?

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 13 Oct 2014

Far Cry 4 is looking like it's going to be pretty explosive. You've got unnecessarily violent wildlife, an off-his-rocker villain and a brand new environment to go completely obsessive over. But what about sticking to the marked path? How long will Far Cry 4 actually last?

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 13 Oct 2014

If it’s one thing I truly despise about Diablo 3, it’s how addictive it can be. Just one more rift, one more! I’ve managed to shrug off the urge to KILL ALL THE THINGS for the meantime, but I know Blizzard have their ways of pulling players back in. Got a copy of the Ultimate Evil Edition? Check out the buffs you’ll have access to this week, and prepare to be sucked in once more.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Oct 2014

EA, as far as I’m concerned, has been making great strides of late to removing itself from the very top of the list of the most hated videogame publisher in all the land. The very vocal people on the internet who like to moan about everything, have had very little vitriol to direct at EA of late. They’ve been giving away games, they’re giving away DLC and have been admitting they’ve made mistakes. Instead, it’s Ubisoft who seems to be climbing the ladder. And now EA’s helping push them them up.