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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 04 Mar 2015

We recently published a leaked list of characters that could be the ones to still make their way on to Mortal Kombat X’s roster. The leaked list, posted weeks ago on GameFAQ’s gained little attention until the recent trailer showing off one of the new characters from the list, Bowmaster Kung Jin. Now, another three characters from that very same list have been leaked separately, adding a tad more credence.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Mar 2015

Mortal Kombat creators NetherRealm have been teasing fans with sporadic character reveals for the latest in the brutally violent fighting game series. It’s coming n April – but a large chunk of the game’s roster has yet to be revealed. They may have been leaked. In fact, they may have been leaked weeks ago.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 27 Feb 2015

I loved the heck out of Far Cry 4. It may not have had quite as crazy and overarching a story as the previous one, but it felt quite a bit more cohesive and coherent. And aside from those blasted eagles, I liked pretty much everything about it. Well, except for its last DLC, the Escape from Durgesh prison. That was a single mode, separate from the main game that added an arcade-like time trail to everything. It was not worth the asking price. Hopefully, the next DLC, Valley of the Yetis, makes up for it.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Feb 2015

While I lost interest in Destiny months ago, I can understand why it’s repetitive, grinding nature is so appealing to many players. What I don’t really get though, is why – for all its desire to be like an MMO – it fails at the one thing that makes MMO’s an interesting, social experience; the social bit. Destiny’s singular social space, The Tower, allows for as much social behaviour as Darryn’s abrasive personality allows for real life friends. That could be changing. According to leaked images of the upcoming expansion, Destiny may have a new social space.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Feb 2015

Earlier this week, we told you that you may not need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play Mortal Kombat X’s adversarial multiplayer when the game is released in April. The news came courtesy of Shaun Himmerick, the executive producer on MKX. Responding to a fan question, he said that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live were “not needed for any feature.” Turns out that’s not the case.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 25 Feb 2015

Xbox Live’s Games with Gold has been a little on the underwhelming side recently, but according to rumours floating about on the internet, that could change. Next month, the games that Gold subscribers will be getting are pretty good ones, say the rumours. They also suggest that Microsoft’s doubling up on the number of gratis games in April.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 24 Feb 2015

Resident Evil used to be one of my favourite gaming franchises. Hell, I even enjoyed the heck out of Resident Evil 5. It may have been a bit dumb and focused far too much on action – but it was a heck of a lot of fun, especially when played co-op.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 19 Feb 2015

People seem to despise success. Whenever anybody becomes famous or successful – whatever the reason – they end up being the target of hate, vitriol and general chagrin. Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson is wildly successful, - and for good reason. Minecraft has become a phenomenon, a sensation that’s changed the way people look at games. And since being bought out by Microsoft, Persson has been regularly accused of “selling out.”

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 18 Feb 2015

It’s become cool to hate on Gears of War. There’s good reason for it too; the plot is shallower than Darryn’s gene pool, it’s filled with big dumb characters and is so entrenched in muscular bro-culture it’s frightening. There’s a lot to like though. The game pretty much defined the last generation, creating an entire industry of third-person cover shooters with a singular palette. The game is a heck of a lot of fun, was a blast to play co-op, and hitting RAAM in the face with a torque bow is one of the best thing you can do in a videogame.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 18 Feb 2015

Hey! Remember how the Xbox One was meant to be both a retail unit and a development kit, right out of the box? Microsoft’s new console was supposed to be a godsend for independent developers – but it started to look like that functionality was another of the Xbox One’s infamous about turns. It appears that the retail-to-dev-kit update is coming.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 18 Feb 2015

There’s been little to go one since the surprise announcement of a Phantom Dust reboot at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last year. The rebirth of the original Xbox cult classic has been under development at an outsourced independent studio, with Microsoft keeping a close eye on one of its upcoming exclusives. But it seems like they weren’t pleased with what they saw, which has resulted in the closure of Darkside Games.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 17 Feb 2015

You know what’s better than a new game? A cheap game. Because yes, not everyone has upwards of R800 or more to throw down on a new game, money which could be better spent on food or more alcohol to help me actually drown the memory of the time that I spent that much cash on a game that I didn’t actually like. F***ing Brink. Never again, never again dammit. Moving on, Xbox is bringing back their Ultimate Sale from tomorrow, according to a leak. Here’s what you can find, for cheap cheap.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 17 Feb 2015

I loved the hell out of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and right now, I’ve got a cupboard full of faux plastic instruments that still get hauled out on the odd occasion, when company and the requisite amount of alcohol dictate it. With the rocking-out-to-music-while-jamming-on-fake-instruments genre gone for many a year, there’s been a great deal of speculation as to whether or not it’ll find a resurgence. Could Rock Band and its ilk come back? Harmonix seems to thinks so.