Lazygamer Review

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 26 Feb 2015

DRAGON DRAGON! ROCK THE DRAGON! DRAGON BALL Z! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! If you’re still playing a Dragon Ball Z game these days, then you most certainly aren’t doing it for the story. After decades of exposure, the Dragon Ball Z saga has pretty much run itself ragged, as players can only throw a spirit bomb at Frieza so many times before the novelty wears off. But what about a game where those infamous battles have been altered, resulting in wildly different outcomes? Is such an idea any good? Surprisingly, yes. Yes it is.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 25 Feb 2015

Up until very recently, I hadn’t touched a Legend of Zelda game. That’s mostly due to the fact of never really owning a Nintendo console, which all changed fairly recently with the launch on the New 3DS. Ocarina of Time was my first stop, and I was simply blown away by the sheer quality of a game that was created more than a decade ago. The Legend of Zelda reignited an addiction I haven’t had with a gaming series in a long time, and Majora’s Mask just served to intensify it.

Posted by Daniel Hallinan - 25 Feb 2015

When Gearbox won the bid to the Homeworld licence, it certainly raised eyebrows, and saw a mix of hope and fear for the franchise, particularly as the new team formed by many of the original Relic developers failed to get it themselves. And then Gearbox announced that, in collaboration with those aforementioned developers, they would be releasing a full remaster of the two main games of the franchise, with a heavy visual upgrade to boot.

Posted by Chris House - 23 Feb 2015

Attila: Total War drops in stores only a year and a half after the launch Total War: Rome II (which is now in a much better space as Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition). Rome II was meant to be the title that would give fans everything they wanted from the first Rome while being updated with features that made Shogun II such a fan favourite. Yet Rome II failed to live up to fan expectations. Let’s be honest here; if you picked up Rome II at launch you know just how much of a disaster it was. Attila, then, had a lot to make up for. It needed to right wrongs. How, then, would the developers go about earning back fan trust? Apparently the same way Attila did for the Huns, with the use of the sword, the spear, and a heck of a lot of fire. The good people over at Creative Assembly had obviously just watched a rerun of Gladiator.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 23 Feb 2015

Long gone are the days where you were stuck looking at a rather limited range of motherboards to support your brand new processor. The introduction of the LGA 1150 socket from Intel opened up countless possibilities for motherboard creators, including the Z87 and Z97 boards. There's no question that if you're looking for that overclocking upper hand, the Z97 is definitely the way to go. Even the top of the range motherboards have found a way to carve a mid-range, affordable market, and the ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer stands tall here.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 20 Feb 2015

When I initially previewed The Order: 1886, I was left dumbfounded. How could anyone think that Ready at Dawn, the people behind some of the best handheld games, have made such a misstep? “People obviously just don’t understand Ready at Dawn’s vision,” I’d mutter to myself, assuring nobody in particular that the game would end up being incredible. How could it not? A steampunk, neo-Victorian setting? An order of Knights fighting an ancient, supernatural darkness? My confidence was sorely misplaced, because The Order: 1886 is one of the most profoundly disappointing games I’ve played.

Posted by Umar Bastra - 18 Feb 2015

Terraria has often been labelled as a 2-D Minecraft, and it’s hard not to make that comparison. As with Minecraft, Terraria is all about gathering and crafting and building all sorts of creative structures, but Terraria sets itself apart by putting a greater emphasis on combat and character builds. It has become incredibly popular as well and you’re able to get this game on a vast array of devices. It might seem like a Minecraft clone and though they seem similar, in its own right, Terraria is so much more.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 16 Feb 2015

There’s a dearth of good shooters - third person or otherwise – on Nintendo’s little handheld. Ironfall Invasion, from little-known, but old-hat developers VD-DEV looks to address that, with varying degrees of success.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 16 Feb 2015

Saints Row games have never been known for their subtlety. What started out as a poor man’s Grand Theft Auto quickly blossomed into the direct-to-DVD equivalent of higher-budgeted, more serious games. Anarchic and not giving a damn, Saints Row is essentially a Tex Avery cartoon in the digital flesh, a no-holds barred extravaganza of violence with no limits. But for all of its anarchic tendencies and emphasis on chaos without consequences, Saints Row games have always had a direction worth following and revelling in. And with the standalone Expansion Gat Out Of Hell, that very direction has been drop-kicked into the inferno. And it’s a costly mistake.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Feb 2015

The first time you see the stereoscopic effect presented by Nintendo’s 3DS, it’s a marvel. Glasses free 3D really works, and it’s magical. At least, it is until you move your head slightly, to find that instead of a 3D window into a world, you’re looking at a garbled on-screen mess. It’s one of the problems Nintendo sought to fix with this latest in its terribly named, yet rather delightful hardware refreshes.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 12 Feb 2015

Years ago, back before time existed, I declared Housemarque’s Super Stardust HD as one of my very favourite games on Sony’s PlayStation Network. Based on the company’s earlier Amiga shooter, Stardust, it’s an arcade twin-stick shooter that beautifully melds together the core ideas of both Asteroids and Geometry Wars – and it does so with aplomb. It’s back, this time on the PlayStation 4, rebranded as Super Stardust Ultra.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 12 Feb 2015

The planet is overrun by strange monsters. Humanity needs to be saved, but it will take five days until we can evacuate. It's up to you, a motley band of hunters to find and kill the monster to ensure as many people survive as possible. It's up to you to save the world. Unfortunately, most of you aren't interested in that.

Posted by Umar Bastra - 03 Feb 2015

I love how popular adventure games have come to be again. I grew up playing games such as Full Throttle and Discworld and somewhere along the line the genre became all but lost in the sea of the ever growing gaming industry. Thankfully, the resurgence in popularity has led to the rejuvenation of the genre and in recent years we’ve been graced with many a brilliant title and now it’s developer Dontnod’s chance to enter the fray with Life is Strange, an adventure game that could best be described as a supernatural teenage drama and while that might evoke some uneasy imagery of vampires and gelled hair, I can assure you that this journey is anything but a poorly written soppy love story.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 03 Feb 2015

55” isn’t cool, you know what is really cool? 320” and that is exactly the screen size you can get using the new Epson TW570 projector...if you have a free wall big enough that is.