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Destiny is great, but it is missing some tricks

This weekend was the first time I’ve personally been able to put a good couple of hours into Destiny and the game is truly phenomenal. Bungie has done something incredible here and I truly think this will be the defining game of the next few years.

Abe’s Oddysee gets New ‘n Tasty this week

1997 PlayStation 1 game Abe’s Oddysee is still one of my favourite games. It cleverly blends platforming with puzzles with a rather interesting and unique setting – and is still a blast to play, nearly 20 years on. I’ve been looking forward to the remake for quite a number of years – and that wait is very nearly over.

Why Destiny won’t let you cross play between PS3 and PS4

For those of you in the PlayStation world, this weekend was probably filled with lots of shooting and running around with your friends in Destiny. However, if all your friends aren't on the same platform, you can't play together - even if you're all on PlayStation. Bungie has a reason for this.

FIFA 15’s going for the heart

This year’s iteration of EA’s beautiful game simulator, FIFA 15, has a number of new features that purport to make the game even better. You’d be hard pressed to convince somebody like me that there are new things, but such is the nature of annualised games; those who play them every year will see them while the rest of us look on like confused muppets. One of those apparent features this year is one of emotion.

The EvoPoints Downloads Of The Week – 18/07/2014

Welcome to our weekly post of featured downloadable content available for different gaming platforms sponsored by Hit the jump for this week’s list of fresh downloadable games and content.

Destiny PS3 vs PS4 comparison and join our clan

So the people with great download speeds have been enjoying the Destiny beta for a few hours now while the rest of us keep cranking that handle to get the download done.

Win a Destiny beta key!

[CLOSED] So you’ve heard about Destiny. In fact, you’ve heard LOTS about Destiny! Yet, you still don’t have any first hand experience, or no access to the mythical-yet-somehow-everybody-but-you-has-one beta key? Tata ma chance, tata ma beta keys right here as we have a few to give away!

Crimsonland review – Retro shooting

I fondly remember playing co-op action shooters with my brother as a kid. Of course he'd always blame me when he died, but that's besides the point - Crimsonland reminds me of all those old-school arcade shooters and it's filled with plenty of remastered gore.

Isn’t it about time Microsoft and Sony regulated clans?

I don’t need to tell you that gaming is big business and competitive gaming is breaking new ground at the moment and bringing a lot of money and corporate eyes into our nice little world. But with that comes responsibilities and that is where the main players are letting gamers down at the moment.

Lionel Messi is once again on the cover of FIFA 15

It’s a rare occurrence when the best player on the planet in a singular sport is also generally respected as one of the nicest people on the planet. So it is without any surprise that EA Sports have revealed that Lionel Messi will once again grace the front cover of FIFA 15.

New ‘n’ Tasty pre-order bonuses!

You want to feel old? Remember Abe’s Odyssey? It was released almost 17 years ago! That was a true gem, with one of the most original and unusual worlds I’ve ever seen in a game. The remake, New N’ Tasty is nearly upon us, and pre-ordering it will net you some extra content.

The EvoPoints Downloads Of The Week – 11/07/2014

Welcome to our weekly post of featured downloadable content available for different gaming platforms sponsored by Hit the jump for this week’s list of fresh downloadable games and content.

FFD: October is madness! What games will you be ignoring?

You may have noticed the dearth of noteworthy games being released this month, or indeed next month. We’re in that slump. That changes a bit in September with the local release of the Xbox One, and of course, Destiny. Then in October, everything goes balmy. Just about every game you’re waiting for this year is out in that one little month. With the price of games and the time investment, we’re all going to be forced to ignore a few for now. Which ones will be taking the backseat?

Insane flying skills in GTA V

Revvin' up your engine. Listen to her howlin' roar. Metal under tension. Beggin' you to touch and gooooo.  Highway to the Danger Zone. DINNIT DUN DUN DUN DINNIT DUN DUN! Ride into the Danger Zooooone! I’ve often said that I’m the very worst digital driver on planet Earth, but there’s one thing I’m even worse at; flying planes and helicopters. I’m just terrible at controlling vehicles that soar through the air. These guys have no such problem; watch them soar about with the grace of digital eagles in GTA V.

Skullgirl pirate hilariously caught red handed

Media pirates are one of my massive pet hates. Those morons who try to justify their need for entertainment at no cost simply because they feel the people who made the movie, game or music are rich enough just drive me mad.