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Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster Review

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be able to lie in bed and play Final Fantasy X/X-2 on a handheld; one of the best JRPGs to have ever been created is running on my Vita. I’ll just cut right to the chase, this game is awesome, and the remastered HD visuals are stunning (for the most part) and runs at a buttery smooth rate (for the most part as well).

Minecraft gets retail PS3 release

I enjoy digital games. My digital library is enormous, and I can never lose it or have it stolen. Well, unless my identity is also stolen. But don't worry, now you can pick up Minecraft in a brick (block) and mortar store.

Spider-Man won’t be swinging to the Xbox One

The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame is coming soon, though it looks pretty much anything but amazing at the moment. Still, it’s always fun to swing about as Spider-Man – but it looks like Xbox One owners may have to sit this one out.  All mentions of the Xbox One version of the game have been excised from the game’s official site.

Pay for higher difficulty in The Last of Us

The Last of Us is getting its last Season Pass content drop by way of the Grounded Bundle DLC – and it features a new mode, called Grounded, that ups the single player game’s difficulty level. It’s a little reminiscent of the much maligned Ranger mode in Metro Last Light, which gave a more difficult mode to those who pre-ordered the game. I hope paid for difficulty isn’t a trend.  

There may be Easter PSN maintenance

Because our public holidays carry over, this coming Monday will be a day that doesn’t involve getting up early, the daily commute or hurriedly walking around the office with a stack of papers so it looks like you’re actually busy working. Instead, it’s a day to spend with family, or as the case may be, playing lots of video games. Just beware, PlayStation gamers; there may or may not be PSN maintenance on Monday.

Watchdogs contains sex, nudity, drugs and alcohol

The latest ESRB rating for Watchdogs has been released and if you are into sex, nudity, drugs, violence and alcohol then you are welcome to pop around this weekend or else you will need to hold out a little longer to get your kicks from Watchdogs which will release soon.

A new Skylanders game to be revealed this month

Crysis (and more!) multiplayer servers shutting

At the end of next month, online gaming server and matchmaking provider GameSpy will be shutting down its servers for good. This will affect every single one of the hundreds of games that utilise the service – with many losing multiplayer functionality completely. Included in the list of games that you’ll no longer be able to play online after 31 May 2014? Crysis.

Get stabby in Bound by Flame

I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by Bound by Flame. If you played Mars: War Logs from developer Spiders, you’d know that it was an interesting action RPG that with the right amount of polish could have been exceptional. Their previous game, Of Orcs and Men also showed incredible promise. They’re taking another stab at RPG’s with Bound by Flame, a combat-centric, choice-laden RPG in the vein of Kingdoms of Amalur. 

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Review

It’s been a long dry spell for cricket fans in the video game industry. We’ve been taunted with one or two possibly good games only for them to fail at the last hurdle and end up being as useless as Kevin Pietersen’s opinions. So will the great Don Bradman save us or are we doomed for another few years?

The EvoPoints Downloads Of The Week – 11/04/2014

Welcome to our weekly post of featured downloadable content available for different gaming platforms sponsored by Hit the jump for this week’s list of fresh downloadable games and content.

Go behind the scenes with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

I actually really liked Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, even though in truth it’s little more than a paid demo. Thing is, despite its brevity it was quite a bit of fun, and it was gorgeous to boot. On the PlayStation 4, it’s quite a thing to behold, and is easily the best looking semi open world available right now. Konami’s released a video showing how they made it look so good.

Destiny of Spirits review – Free to slay

Whenever someone mentions the word Free-to-play, or F2P for short, it usually sends a cold shiver down my spine. The F2P market is filled with atrocious pay-to-win and wait-to-play models that honestly make me wonder how these abominations thrive in the gaming eco system. While conceptually sound, most companies use this model to bleed gamers dry by tapping into that part of the brain that convinces us to buy ‘just one more’ premium item.

Meet Boxman in The Evil Within

The survival horror genre – outside of some excellent indie output like Amnesia and Outlast – has taken a few steps backwards of late. Games that one fell under the “survival horror” banner have, to their detriment,  become more action-oriented bulletfests.

inFamous: Second Son – 1 million sold in 9 days

According to a delightful press release we received yesterday afternoon, Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son has become the second PlayStation 4 exclusive game to join the million sold club – and it managed that feat in just 9 days.