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The Elder Scrolls Online review

I'll be perfectly blunt. It's freaking hard reviewing a MMORPG! Hours and hours of play, and I feel like I've just barely scratched the surface. Can I really give it a fair, critical score? I've invested over 25 hours, only reaching level 15 of the possible 50. I believe I am at least entitled to an opinion, but keep in mind that this review reflects my own experience, something which did not extend to the late game.

Epic’s new game to “push next generation graphics”

Epic Games and its engine are well known for pushing the boundaries of computer graphics and other similar, meaningless hyperbole. Fawning aside, their engine is great and they make great games. Their next game, they say, will “push next generation graphics.”

Another World is being re-released…again

Eric Chahi’s seminal, surrealist adventure Another world (or Out of this world, depending on where you’re from) was one of the best games released in 1991. We’re on the cusp of the game’s 25th anniversary, but that doesn’t mean people don;t want to play the game’s 20th anniversary release again. Right? anyway, it’s being released on just about every console…save the Xbox 360, oddly.

The Witcher 3 will be released in South Africa

As you know, CD Projekt Red’s next chapter in the fantastic Witcher series has been delayed to 2015. What you probably don’t know is that it might not have been released here in South Africa at all. That however, has changed.

Think you’re good at Hearthstone? Prove it

So my latest addiction is Blizzard's new card game, Hearthstone, and while I’m pretty useless at it I love how Blizzard handles the rankings so I am at least given a chance while I sit in my level 19 pit of squalor.

Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe edition details

I can't hide it, I love Collector's Editions. Some are more equal than others, and anything with an impressive figurine becomes far too tempting for me. Of course, it's not just about fetishizing the physical stuff - you can also get cool things in game. Origin's details on the Digital Deluxe edition might just make you pre-order.

Brand new Watch Dogs screenshots to make you go oooo

I’m excited for Watch Dogs the upcoming open world hacking game from Ubisoft. We have some brand new screenshots showcasing some of the size and details of the game. We've got a tonne more information on the game coming up later. 

Slow-motion speeding in Project Cars

It’s both an ox and a moron, but there’s a brand new trailer for the crowd-funded racer showing beastly speed machines racing around tracks, only in slow motion..making them look like they’re travelling at a regular speed, I suppose. 

FIFA 14 Brazil World Cup Edition–Reviewed

It’s nearly time for the FIFA World Cup to swing around again and this time it’s being held in the Samba capital of the world. Brazil.

Dark Souls 2 PC trailer is pretty and deadly

Dark Souls 2 is a fantastic game. It's insanely difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. PS3 and Xbox 360 players have been reveling in its devious death traps, and now PC gamers can join the party. Unlike the first Dark Souls, it seems that the PC version will surpass the console one.

Batman: Arkham Knight delayed to 2015?

The most recent game in the Arkham series of Batman games, Arkham Oranges probably has the best story of the lot – but it’s hampered by bugs, glitches and an overwhelming sense of deja vu. With original developer Rocksteady back at the helm and the inclusion of the batmobile, the next game, Arkham Knight has many people rather excited. You may have to reign in that enthusiasm. Word is the game’s been delayed to 2015.

Sexy Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots

Yesterday’s trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition not only revealed the game’s October release date, but also revealed a spontaneous sticky wet spot on the front of my pants, letting the world know just how excited I am for the game.

H1Z1 won’t be a pay-to-win hell

For people keen on the premise of DayZ, but unwilling to pay to take part in the game’s rather extended beta, Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 sounds like just the ticket. An open world, large-scale MMO with zombies in it certainly sounds like something cast from DayZ’s mould. the biggest worry though, is that it’ll be free to play – which usually comes with excessive micro-transaction pitfalls. SOE however, has said that it most certainly won’t be pay to win. In fact, pretty much everything you’ll be able to buy is cosmetic.

Hello nAv Gaming TV

As Zoe covered yesterday the two dominant eSports organisations in South Africa at the moment are Bravado and Energy who between them took all three of the top spots available at the Liberty LAN over the last weekend.

The next Call of Duty will be really, really, ridiculously good looking

Call of Duty is no longer a game developed in a two-year cycle by two development teams. Nope, it’s now a three year, three team game – and this year’s game will be handled by Sledgehammer Games. Call of Duty 2014 will be developed primarily for the new systems, making it the first real “next gen” entry in the series. And it’ll apparently be quite the looker.