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Lazygamer Retro Wednesday: Capcom Play System

So it’s a week late for a lot of reasons, mostly because I’ve been busy moving into another place, and secondly, all the photos I took didn’t actually save to the camera, so awesome.

SteelSeries H Wireless Review

We already raved to you about the glory that is the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset. As a result, I jumped at the chance to review the SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset and my ears have been thanking me ever since.

The Top Ten most magnificent moments of video game acting

Gaming, you’ve come a long way. It used to be that selling a specific scene ina  video game was a Herculean task, limited by a lack of audio and visual technology. These days though, we’ve got motion capture, professional voice actors and all kinds of new advances in gaming. But even then, we take those moments of acting for granted. Here’s ten of the best scenes, that combined all of the above to be truly outstanding works of art.

Your guide to the world of inFamous

inFamous: Second Son finally arrives next week, just in time for a long weekend. It’s not the first game in the series, but it is a new start for the franchise as it heads to the PlayStation 4. Confused about all the terms being thrown around in trailers? Well here’s a guide to the world of inFamous, that’ll explain everything to you.

GTA: Online and inefficient communication

I recently got back into GTA: Online after a slew of updates and joining an official crew of a forum I frequent. I’ve enjoyed myself so far, getting frustrated every now and then with griefers and the like. But a change of play style came when I realised that no one has any idea of people’s intentions in-game. You can’t trust anyone you come across, because its just easier (and subsequently more fun) to kill each other on sight. It made me realise there are real benefits to ineffective communication in an MMO.

The Art of Titanfall review

Standby for The Art Of Titanfall drop commander. We may not be getting the Titanfall game anytime soon, but one thing that SA fans will have access to, is a behind the scenes tomb of Titanfall knowledge. So throw those older, tinier art books that came with your various collector’s edition out of the way, because the daddy of concept art has just dropped in.

South Park:The Stick of Truth – Chinpokomon guide

I’ve got to buy ‘em, I’ve got buy ‘em! Chinpokomon! Hey kids, do you like South Park: The Stick of Truth? Then you’ll love this guide to finding all of the Chinpokomon in the game! Chinpokomon such as Lambtron,Roo-Stor and Shoe! BOMBA DAH HARBORU!

Lazygamer Retro Wednesday: Vectrex

Remember when playing a console meant you hogged the TV from mum and dad? Then having to stop playing so they could watch TV. How does one fix this problem in 1982? A console with a built in screen!

WildStar beta preview – Gimme some mmo

When I first heard about WildStar, I was really rather skeptical. It seemed like a bad Borderlands rip off made into an MMO. The classes sounded similar, the aesthetic looked vaguely similar, and I was not in the mood for a game the seemed to be trying too hard. Well, I got beta access and decided to give the game a whirl. I've got to say, if I wore a hat I'd be eating it now - this game is nothing like I expected.

All you need to know about Destiny

Destiny is one of the most highly anticipated games for this year and the big question is whether or not the team over at Bungie can actually pull off their highly ambitious plans.

With 100 days to go until E3 what are we going to be shown?

We’re still trying to book our E3 excursions this year and while we said last year that we would be far more professional this year it appears we lied. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to be excited about what is going to be revealed in 100 days time.

The last gen mould: It happened to me!

Geez, remember when the Xbox 360 came out? That was 2005. PS3? 2006! That’s a hell of a long time ago. There’s this thing I like to call last gen mould. I’m not talking about retro games, I’m talking about the last generation - the last nine years of gaming, and it all suddenly looks like crap. It happened to me this week.

If Microsoft sold the Xbox department, who would buy it?

There is much upheaval at Microsoft at the moment with a new CEO coming in this year and the continued rumours that the investors are unhappy with the performance of the Xbox brand and are pushing for Microsoft to sell it off.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review – In need of salvation

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 were very different. They featured differing combat styles, gameplay mechanics and even changes to open world approaches. Lightning Returns, the final installment in the trilogy, carries on the tradition of changing everything. Unfortunately, these changes are not improvements.

The Thief Dossier – The history of Thief

For over a decade and a half, one game has helped define the stealth genre. Despite this series having only released three complete games in all those years, Thief has managed to become as revered as any signature series in the industry today. 2014 marks a fresh start for the master thief known as Garrett, but his history is as just as interesting today as it was when he first debuted.