The Counter-Strike scene's been embroiled in match-fixing scandals. Valve is hitting back hard.
HTC is jumping into eSports and teasing some future products for the home.
Lies that we tell children on TV are expanding into the eSports arena as Disney launches a show starring a retired 15-year-old eSports pro.
The very final call for teams wanting to enter our awesome Call of Duty tournament, you have 12 hours to go.
Europe is about to going to get invaded this October by tons of eSports fans. Prepare the Kielbasa!
With local celebrity shout casters and a big prize up for grabs, this local tournament is showing that Dota isn't the only worthwhile eSport.
Okay so earlier this week I told you we had two spots left to fill in our first Call of Duty tournament and that we were going to limit the size of the tournament to 16.
Watching all your eSports on Twitch? Would you switch to another service?
There are still 2 slots available for our PlayStation 4 Call of Duty tournament, but be fast.
We are preparing to pay people money for playing a games, but there are rules to follow so please do take a look.
South Africa has been excluded from this years million dollar Call of Duty championship, is this due to the drama last year?
The International will probably be bigger and better, and this time it's a little bit later in the year.
SMITE is coming to Xbox, and has a huge championship on the horizon. In fact, it has more support than you might think.
Want to win some cold hard cash by playing games? Well we are giving away exactly that.
Want to be a pro-gamer? Register now for the DGL and make your mark on local eSports.