Mortal Kombat X finally releases tomorrow! This past weekend saw the first tournament for the game, pitting 8 top fighters against each other for a shot at the $10000 prize pool.
Are you a big fan of League of Legends, eagerly awaiting this year's World Championship? Riot have finally unveiled where exactly all the action will be taking place!
There is a local Mortal Kombat tournament that is one of the important video game tournaments held in South Africa for years.
Every wonder what it actually means when teams say they're going to boot camp for the weekend? We had to find out.
Local teams all want sponsorships. Sometimes, they get them.
Last year, our Battlefield 4 players blew away the competition at the ESL country championships. Can they continue to show the world our eSports glory?
The DGL Summer Leg is wrapping up, so how are the leg's logs looking?
Plenty of people use apps to keep track of their favorite sporting stars. Now you can do the same for eSports.
Last week Friday I posted up an article giving a few stats on how the PS4 CoD tournament went and put up a straw poll for voting on the next tournament.
League of Legends' latest champion is a roaming support who might make roamers return to the game.
The ex-President and current General Secretary of the SASCOC endorsed MSSA has admitted in court to using a pseudonym and posting articles pretending to not be related to the MSSA
PAX East is getting a new face in their ESL Arena as Evolve jumps in on the eSports action.
Tonight we host the finals of the Lazygamer Advanced Warfare tournament and I hope you are going to join us in the stream (Click here for the link) to watch because if these matches are anything like the semi finals were on Wednesday, it’s going...
Rumors and harassment are terrible things, especially when they hurt the eSports industry.
The bigger the prize pool, the bigger the event. ESL is pushing to stay relevant in eSports by upping their monetary game.