We catch up with Shuaib Hassen, the South African repersentative for the ESWC FIFA championship this year.
Local team, Energy eSports, will be jetting off to Paris to compete in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive leg of the Electronic Sports World Cup. ASUS have come on board to help them prepare for the tournament
A Dota 2 team, Arrow Gaming, were disqualified from the Summit 2 Tournament over alleged matchfixing. The matter is currently being investigated.
The League of Legends 2014 World Championship finals were played this weekend. Samsung Galaxy White defeated Star Horn Royal Club 3-1 to snatch the top spot!
LoL is getting the Dota treatment - the finals will be aired on ESPN.
The DGCs ran smoothly during rAge weekend, but the results surprised some. Could an upset be the sign of new champions on the rise?
The Do Gaming Championship took place this weekend at rAge. Who were the winners?
In a recent fishing trip I was shown the solution to attracting ladies into gaming
An all girl Dota 2 team was recently banned from a tournament. The reason? One of their players "played like a boy".
The Do Gaming Championship already had some impressive prize pools for this year's event. It's just grown larger as new sponsors have come on board, and existing sponsors have increased their contribution.
The CMaster Invitational took the best TrackMania Nations drivers from South Africa and put them to the test. The final took place this past weekend - who was the winner?
Bravado is one of the biggest gaming organisations we have. They have top teams across various games, and have teamed up with Alienware to put together an event showcasing hardware this Saturday. There will be demonstrations as well as prizes up for grabs!
A few weeks ago, Logitech hosted the Dota 2 Dream Team Cup. It served as a place to identify a team which could work with Logitech moving forward into the eSport scene. In-Finity Gaming have secured the sponsorship!
World of Warcraft is a game that you wouldn't really consider to be an eSport. Blizzard are looking at ways to change that and make it more eSport friendly.
Local team Energy eSport Heat are to attend the Electronic Sports World Cup at the end of October. They will be competing in Counter-Strike Global Offensive which has a prize pool of $25 000!