3 players have been banned from Counter-Strike Global Offensive for hacking. This comes just days before one of the year's biggest eSport events - DreamHack Winter.
Think you're any good at Super Smash Bros? Nintendo are looking to crown a national champion, and with it, give them some awesome prizes including games for a year!
F43R, the DGC 2014 champions for Call of Duty: Ghosts, has joined the ranks of Energy eSports. They mark the first entry into the console division for the MGO.
You think you get the best performance from your rig? Think again. These guys overclock to the max, and compete for the best benchmarks.
The Alliance Dota 2 team, champions of TI3, have spent a long time trying to find their former glory. Some hiccups have led to them pulling out of a tournament. They are going to rebuild, hopefully up to the standard that they had last year.
TrackMania Nations Forever is a racer all about precision and speed. The best of our local community will be going against each other this Sunday in the Do Gaming Online Final. Who will be the fastest?
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out next week. 343 Industries, the developers, want to create a league that continues the awesome multiplayer legacy.
Making a proper living as a professional gamer is tough unless you are right at the top and constantly winning tournaments. That may change in Korea, as a minimum salary has been proposed.
Bravado is heading to Taiwan to take part in the MSI Beat IT Global Finals, playing Dota 2 against some of the best teams in the world.
The Orena Lifechild Invitational will not only bring together top Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams for a shot at a possible R75000 prize pool, it will also raise funds for charity
Dreamhack is one of the biggest eSport events on the gaming calender. The CEO, Robert Ohlén, has been relieved of his duties.
We catch up with Shuaib Hassen, the South African repersentative for the ESWC FIFA championship this year.
Local team, Energy eSports, will be jetting off to Paris to compete in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive leg of the Electronic Sports World Cup. ASUS have come on board to help them prepare for the tournament
A Dota 2 team, Arrow Gaming, were disqualified from the Summit 2 Tournament over alleged matchfixing. The matter is currently being investigated.
The League of Legends 2014 World Championship finals were played this weekend. Samsung Galaxy White defeated Star Horn Royal Club 3-1 to snatch the top spot!