The CMaster Invitational takes the top South African TrackMania Nations drivers and puts them to the track to see who will be the ultimate champion. What has happened thus far?
Are you a gamer in Cape Town with nothing to look forward to? Think again! Check out all the upcoming Zombiegamer events!
The League of Legends World Championship final may only be on October the 19th, but the preliminaries start today, on September the 18th. Riot teamed up with popular band Imagine Dragons and put together a war cry to kick things off. The song can be downloaded free of charge
In this Clan Focus, we take a look at Ventus Gaming. They have been around since 2010, and play Dota 2, Trackmania Nations, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and Call of Duty Black Ops
Syntech were looking for a team to give a R40 000 sponsorship to for the Do Gaming Championship. They have finally chosen their winner.
We organised an unofficial exhibition Dota 2 match which took place this past weekend. Bravado Emotion, arguably one of the best teams in South Africa, went up against Egypt. What was the outcome?
One of the best South African Dota 2 teams will take on Egypt this Saturday in an exhibtion match. The game kicks off at 5pm and will be a best of 3.
Logitech have come forward with an interesting initiative leading up to the Do Gaming Championship. They are looking for a team to sponsor, and will choose one in the Logitech Dream Team Cup which will happen this weekend
The CMaster Invitational, a local TrackMania Nations Forever tournament, is well underway. Check out the roundup and some footage of the highlights right here.
The Game Developers Conference will be hosting a new eSports and Community Management Summit next year. What can conference attendees expect from them?
Wagamama, a well known Dota 2 player and caster, posted a thread complaining about his past experiences with StarLadder. What caused his outburst and what was the result?
While eSports' popularity keeps growing, the debate continues whether it's a "real sport" or not. ESPN's head has weighed in on the issue, and it's not what gamers were hoping for.
Riot have posted a teaser video which looks to showcase some behind the scenes footage of their top League of Legends players and their road to the championship.
An update on the court case filed by the General Secretary of the MSSA against one of our writers
We take a look at MaD Hatters, a local clan that started out in League of Legends, but are branching out into other games.