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Win a Destiny beta key!

[CLOSED] So you’ve heard about Destiny. In fact, you’ve heard LOTS about Destiny! Yet, you still don’t have any first hand experience, or no access to the mythical-yet-somehow-everybody-but-you-has-one beta key? Tata ma chance, tata ma beta keys right here as we have a few to give away!

Win a 3D printed custom Assassin of your own!

Here’s a nice reminder, seeing that Assassin’s Creed Unity is back in the news; you stand the chance of winning your very own customised, 3D printed Assassin’s Creed Unity doll figure! It’s pretty easy stuff, really. Check it.

Enter now to play Destiny this weekend

Thanks to the awesome people of Megarom, we can cordially invite you to try to join us to play Destiny this weekend. But there are only 50 slots, so you need to enter now. Also, more cool news about Destiny inside.

Win a custom 3D printed Assassin’s Creed Unity figure!

We’ve told you before about Assassin’s Creed Unity’s shiny new custom character creator. It’s a little limited in scope, sure, but the neat thing about it is that your custom Arno could end up being featured in the next big trailer for the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed lineage. We might be able to fast track that... also, you could be in the running to win a custom, 3D-printed version of your Assassin.

We have another Wolfenstein winner

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the puns while collating our competition for the cool Wolfenstein give away. Now, I have good news about the selection of another winner.

The winner of the Wolfenstein give away is…

Can you believe it, before the mayhem of E3 we started a quirky little competition to give away some Wolfenstein goodies. You guys came out in force with your epic German puns and I'm glad picked a winner instead of me.

And the winners of the Marvel Heroes 2015 contest that I didn’t forget about are…

E3 is done and dusted. And much like I promised just before I left, I have some winners to announce for a random hero code in Marvel Heroes 2015. So, since you’ve been badgering me on Twitter all week long, the following 20 fans that each get a code are…

Win some Wolfenstein goodies

You all know Darryn enjoyed playing the new Wolfenstein. He kept saying it was sehr gut, and we are inclined to believe him. I suppose that's why we're happy to be doing a give away courtesy of Ster.

Win with Marvel Heroes 2015!

Well it’s official! Marvel Heroes is now Marvel Heroes 2015, and to celebrate, we’re giving away some prizes.

The winner of the Watch Dogs hamper – and more ways to win!

I’m currently too broke to afford a copy of Watch Dogs, but that’s what happens when you have a crippling Batman addiction. And while my attempts to hack into the banks using a state of the art 386 PC have failed spectacularly, there are easier and less risky ways out there to help me get what I want.

Win a code for the closed beta of Dirty Bomb

Do you want to get in on the ground floor for what could be the next best thing or do you just like having something that most of your friends can’t get their hands on? Well either way today is your lucky day.

Hack your way to a Watch Dogs hamper

Firstly, please don’t actually hack anything. Watch dogs is out today, and thanks to the beautiful people at Ubisoft, we’ve got a smashing Watch Dogs hamper to give away, including a copy of the game on PlayStation 4. Here’s what you can win.

PSA – Win X-Men and Mountain Dew goodies

I’m the best there is at what I do bub, and what I do is remind people that they can win some fantastic prizes by clicking on this link. Ok, maybe a million years of evolution left me with an oddly specific power, but hell, at least it finally came in handy, am I right?

The Child of Light winner is…

Thanks to the lovely folks at Ubisoft, we have a one copy of the deluxe edition of the whimsical and beautiful Child of Light to give away to one poetic reader. Instead of the usual draw, we opted instead – in the very spirit of the game – to have deliver your most apropos rhyming couplets for the prize. Here’s who won.

Win a Child of Light Deluxe Edition

Ubisoft’s Child of Light is,  according to at least one devilishly handsome reviewer, a “marvel to look at and a joy to play.” If you’d don’t care to listen to reviewers, or maybe the review has you intrigued, we’re giving away one Deluxe Edition of the game on PC to a lucky reader.