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Want to win a set of SOL headphones?

So our pals at lockerdome have come through again, and have brought a new friend with them. This time, we're giving away a brand spanking new set of SOL Republic headphones.

Win a Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition

Somehow, Blizzard did the impossible and made Diablo III actually fun. They’ve made loot more prevalent and worthwhile, excised that blasted Real Money Auction House, rejigs the boss fights and changes class skills, making the game faster and more rewarding. And the game’s expansion, Reaper of Souls makes it even better. And that, dear lovelies, is why we’re going to give a Collector’s Edition of the expansion to one of you.

Minecraft Monday: Did you win a copy of Minecraft?

So last week we showed you how awesome our Minecraft server was coming along and gave you the chance to win your very own copy of Minecraft thanks to our Minecraft admin, Gareth Bockel

The winner of the South Park: Stick of Truth bundle

Thanks to our friends at Ubisoft, we’re giving away a super rad collection of South Park goodies along with the excellent South Park: Stick of Truth.

Diablo III with other Joburgers

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is almost upon us. But, contrary to Darryn's insistence, playing with others can be way more fun than playing with yourself. Megarom is teaming up with Internet Solutions to let a bunch of locals get together for some dungeon raiding.

Win stuff by commenting

So, last night I was lured to Microsoft under false pretenses. That's right, I was told that I was being used to fill in for a missing person on the "Graeme and Friends" podcast, but in fact, that missing person was there. Does this mean that they actually wanted me for my winning personality? I'm not too sure - but I am sure that you can win stuff by listening.

The winner of the Titanfall key is…

Yes, thanks to Evopoints we’re giving away a copy of Titanfall to one lucky reader. That person, who’ll soon be stomping on heads in a giant digital mech, thanks to Evo and the magic of is…

Win a digital copy of Titanfall for PC!

If it wasn’t for the lovely folks at Evopoints, most of us here in South Africa wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to play Titanfall. South Africa’s been denied one of the year’s biggest games because network performance, they say,  just wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe you’re wary of buying game keys off the internet, or maybe you’re not convinced the lag will be bearable – so you’ve opted to not grab Titanfall right now. So thanks to Evopoints, we’re giving one away.

Win a South Park: Stick of Truth bundle!

Right. some of you are rightfully a little upset that you didn’t win the Lords of Shadow 2 Tomb Edition. I promised that we’d have something just as awesome – or even better – to give away. And here it is. A pretty damned awesome South Park: Stick of Truth bundle. Here’s what you could win.

More Elder Scrolls Online Beta keys to give away

We recently gave away 500 keys for the last Elder Scrolls Online Beta – and now, we’re doing it again. Bethesda’s handed us another couple of hundred keys, which we’re going to give to you, our lovey readers. And all of you random strangers on the internet too.

The winner of the Lords of Shadow 2 Tomb Edition is…

Thanks to our pals at Ster Kinekor Entertainment, we’ve got one premium tomb Edition of Konami and Mercury Steam’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. I liked the game, but some odd design decisions meant it failed to live up to the promise of the original. Still, that Tomb Edition with all of its extras  is one sexy heck of a prize. And the guy who’s won it is…

PSA: Win a 40″ LED 3D TV from Xbox and World of Tanks

I know you're all suckers for competitions. There's nothing like free stuff to make us happy, and there's a competition that I wish I could take part in, too. Alas, I have integrity and don't feel it's appropriate, but man, I wish I could get this fancy shmancy new TV.

Reminder: Win this Lords of Shadow 2 Tomb Edition

With the days speeding along, you can almost lose track of time. Did you guys enter to win the beautiful Tomb Edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2? Say what you will about the game, the Tomb Edition looks far too beautiful to resist.

Win a Lords of Shadow 2 Tomb Edition!

Konami and Mercury’s Steam’s final chapter of the Lords of Shadow saga is out, and thanks to our pals at Ster Kinekor Entertainment, we’ve got one copy of the game’s awesome Tomb Edition to give away to one lucky reader.

Don’t forget you can still win some Xbox Live loving

So we’re doing a little drive to get more twitter followers on our official @LazygamerNet account because… well because it’s the same way that women say size doesn‘t matter but in reality we all know it does.