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Feisty fisticuffs in the Copperhead reveal trailer

Copperhead is a tiny pack of female dynamite and just like all the other villains in Batman: Arkham Origins she’s not interested in a fair fight.

PES 2014 will “blur the line between the sport and simulation”

If you fancy yourself some footie games then you’ll be happy to know Havok has set out to provide enhanced physics and animations in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

eSports, you’re doing it wrong

The MSSA and MWEB are hosting their first official online Inter-Regional tournament. Teams representing Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively will take each other on to promote a competitive attitude “down to Regional levels”. There are so many flaws in this plan I don’t even know where to begin, here’s to being hated for being honest.

Take on some gameplay in this Take On Mars video

Take to the red planet once again in yet another video game, this time in Take On Mars, where you won’t be attacked by mutants/aliens/Mars-rats.

OOOHHH! It’s a fungeon!

Cartoon Network’s best shows are heading to video game land to blow your mind. Get ready for some Regular Show and Adventure Time as Mordecai and Rigby enter 8-bit Land while Finn and Jake take on the fungeon.

This guy created 25 hours of new Skyrim content as a job application

Introducing Falskaar, a massive 25 hour Elder Scrolls: Skyrim mod created by a 19-year-old as his job application to Bethesda.

The Elder Scrolls Online is perfect for consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online is perfect for consoles

MMOs on consoles is a somewhat new concept to get used to, it is however a reality and will be something seen more and more in the future. The Elder Scrolls Online will make it so.

What the Flock is going on this new multiplayer?

[UPDATE:]We received some additional information from the developers, check it out after the click through. 

The Flock is a new multiplayer game in development. It’s not a shooter and it’s not a MOBA game, it is however creepy as Flock.

Branching missions won’t haunt you in CoD: Ghosts

Infinity Ward won’t take the same branching mission route Treyarch did in Black Ops. Instead they’ve reverted back to the standard corridor format with some added eggs of the easter kind.

World of Warcraft patch to make the game difficult again

The next patch for World of Warcraft will add a feature to the game for players who like things to be difficult. The Proving Grounds will test your skill, and you don’t even have to play in a party to experience this end game content.

First Neverwinter expansion releases this August

Free-to-play MMO Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons is launching its first expansion this August; this too will be free and include unicorns.

Toki Tori 2+ review: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Toki Tori 2+ might look all sweet and innocent, but once it has you in its claws it will gloriously abuse your brain, and you will love it.

Police Quest creator is back with another police adventure game

Remember Police Quest? From back in the day when games were still meant to be games, challenge players and wasn’t meant to drain your wallets dry. The man who created the series, Jim Walls is back. This time with Precinct, a police adventure game with high speed car chases and everything!

Choose your side with Angry Birds Star Wars II

Rovio has announced the sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, and this time the game will include scannable, Skylanders-like figures.

Things get artsy in the latest Payday 2 criminal activity

Freeze! This is a stick-up! My demands are simple: Direct your attention to the latest Payday 2 gameplay and soundtrack preview, and no one gets hurt.