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We play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Hey, did you read my hands on impression of the upcoming Call of Duty Multiplayer? You should! I managed to gnab some gameplay footage, so you can now see just how bad I am at the game.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer hands-on

I will be perfectly honest. The last Call of Duty I dedicated a fair amount of time to was Black Ops, way back in 2010. I hadn’t really paid any attention to the upcoming entry, at least not until I was whisked off to the multiplayer reveal, shortly after landing in Cologne, Germany. Will this be the entry that shakes up the formula?

Visit the East with this latest Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is all sorts of trouble. Loads of games for discounted prices? Absurd! My backlog is big enough thank you very much!

Upcoming Diablo 3 for consoles will mirror PC with patches

You know what’s annoying about gaming? It’s the constant bickering between fanboys. My console has X, your's has Y, therefore I am better. It’s silly, because we all know the glorious Master Race wins every time! Blizzard are looking to level the playing field, at least in the patch department.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 25 July 2014

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives… or some mumbo jumbo like that. Hey it’s weekend! You overslept and missed every day? Don’t worry, we have your weekly wrap right here!

Heroes of the Storm hero spotlight: Zagara the broodmother

I’m slowly turning Thursdays into Heroes of the Storm day with a hero preview and accompanying gameplay each week. Last time I did a spotlight for Brightwing the faerie dragon, an adorable, homicidal creature with awesome support abilities.

Is NAG competing with the DGC?

I’m loving all the attention eSport is getting lately. The International saw some impressive growth, and even got some love from ESPN. Our local scene is also constantly on the rise, with more sponsors hopping on board and more tournaments being hosted.

Valve want Compendium Rewards and Techies by end of August

Last week I went all tinfoil hat and wrote about how Valve could be screwing with us and the release of Techies. I’m an idiot, ignore everything I said! They would never play with our hearts and expectations by not releasing something ever, right?

Stiches just wants to play!

Oh Warcraft III! You taught me all about the importance of heroes and even fathered the mod that would go on to be my biggest gaming addiction. Do you all remember that original campaign? I recall cleaning up town as Arthas before I was attacked by an abomination, that absolutely disgusting pile of walking corpses. It was a scary unit that went on to become Pudge in Dota. Blizzard have taken the vile creature and given it a whole new identity in Heroes of the Storm. Say hello to Stitches the abomination.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood review: Look Ma I’m famous!

I WAS incredibly excited when I found out that I would be the new Lazygamer intern. Little did I know that I would be forced to do all sorts of horrible things daily. I really thought the community would have my back. How could they not support the newcomer... the underdog? How wrong I was.

Original Resident Evil REmake getting REmastered

It’s clearly an age of remaster. The original Resident Evil blew people away back in 1996, establishing what would go on to be one of the biggest zombie franchises ever. It was a game fans really loved, so much so that it warranted a complete REmake in 2002 for the Gamecube, which was then RE-released on the Wii. It looks like that REmake is now due for some REmastered treatment.

Tropico 5 banned in Thailand due to potential risks

Countries around the world have different views on what content is safe. The sort of games that receive a ban are traditionally violent or sexual in nature. Thailand is more strict on the latter, but has now gone on to ban Tropico 5, a city simulator game.

Lazygamer play BattleBlock Theatre

Have you played BattleBlock theatre? You really should, it’s all kinds of platforming fun! It also has some awesome multiplayer, perfect for trolling and ruining friendships teaching people how to work together. We teamed up with a certain cuddly Wookiee to bring you some gameplay footage.

Flappy Bird returns with a new game and arcade cabinet

I remember when I first heard about Flappy Bird. It was around the time the developer said he would be taking the game down. I got it to see what the fuss was about, and soon the cursing began. It challenged you to do better but it was completely infuriating and made little sense. The game was removed, a clever marketing move because as is human nature, people want what they can’t have. Has the lack of thumb tapping action left you sleepless? No longer, because the annoying bird is back!

Dominate the Hyrule property market with Zelda themed Monopoly

I’d like to think that every single one of us has played Monopoly, at least at some point in our lives. It’s a great game, serving as a beginners course to real estate teaching players all about property and how to invest money. USAopoly are taking the board game and blending it with a another classic - The Legend of Zelda.