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New Prince of Persia teased

Yesterday, when we told you about Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, many of you expressed a yearning for a new Prince of Persia. That may well be coming soon; Drew James, a Ubisoft engineer teased about the future of the prince on Twitter. He may have said something he wasn’t supposed to though – because his tweet was summarily pulled. The internet, however, never forgets.

Hey Europe! These are your PlayStation Plus games for May

I honestly haven’t even gotten around to playing April’s PlayStation Plus games yet. Mercenary Kings sits and taunts me whenever I boot up my PS4. In fact, I think my PS+ backlog is starting to rival my Steam backlog – and it’s only set to get worse. Here are the games PlayStation Plus owners will get next month.

Batman: Arkham Knight delayed to 2015?

The most recent game in the Arkham series of Batman games, Arkham Oranges probably has the best story of the lot – but it’s hampered by bugs, glitches and an overwhelming sense of deja vu. With original developer Rocksteady back at the helm and the inclusion of the batmobile, the next game, Arkham Knight has many people rather excited. You may have to reign in that enthusiasm. Word is the game’s been delayed to 2015.

Super Mario 64 120 Star speedrun record broken

When I first played Super Mario 64, the game blew my mind. It had a full, enchanting 3d world for the plumber to explore. It was also one of the first game I ever played that had analogue control, so my first hour or so was spend running around in a damned circle. Finishing that game though, took months; it took ages to find, and then grab every one of the 120 stars available to collect. This guy’s done it in about the time it takes to watch a movie.

Sexy Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots

Yesterday’s trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition not only revealed the game’s October release date, but also revealed a spontaneous sticky wet spot on the front of my pants, letting the world know just how excited I am for the game.

H1Z1 won’t be a pay-to-win hell

For people keen on the premise of DayZ, but unwilling to pay to take part in the game’s rather extended beta, Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 sounds like just the ticket. An open world, large-scale MMO with zombies in it certainly sounds like something cast from DayZ’s mould. the biggest worry though, is that it’ll be free to play – which usually comes with excessive micro-transaction pitfalls. SOE however, has said that it most certainly won’t be pay to win. In fact, pretty much everything you’ll be able to buy is cosmetic.

The next Call of Duty will be really, really, ridiculously good looking

Call of Duty is no longer a game developed in a two-year cycle by two development teams. Nope, it’s now a three year, three team game – and this year’s game will be handled by Sledgehammer Games. Call of Duty 2014 will be developed primarily for the new systems, making it the first real “next gen” entry in the series. And it’ll apparently be quite the looker.

Unreal Engine 4 is a particle effect monster

Unreal Engine 4 is available to developers right now and thanks to an intriguing new licencing system, is actually within the grasp of just about every type of game developer. Expect very many indie games utilising that engine in the near future. One of those games, Nelo, is coming along quite nicely, showing some of the engine’s particle effects systems at work. LOOK AT ALL THOSE PARTICLES!

Why Assassin’s Creed is an annual franchise

It’s becoming like clockwork. Every year, we see a new Call of Duty, and every year we see a new Assassin’s Creed. Call of Duty – despite middling reviews for the latest one – is still a behemoth entertainment franchise, making Activision piles of money with each release. It’s easy to see why the keep churning them out. The same goes for Assassin’s Creed really.

Assassin’s Creed getting 4 player co-op?

The next chapter in the ever-expanding Assassin’s Creed story is set within France’s revolution. It was a period of social and political upheaval which had upset citizens working together to to uproot centuries-old, particularly unfair institutions such as the absolute monarchy..mostly by stabbing royals.  And when you get to re-enact it in Assassin’s Creed Unity, you may get to do it with others.

Rumour: EA’s South African distribution changing…again

For a long time, EA’s games in South Africa were the cheapest you’d find. Very nearly a year ago, we told you that would be changing – and that EA South Africa’s office would be shutting. Distribution of our EA games then moved on to Apex. Less than 12 months later, and it could be changing again.

Fatal Frame is coming back to terrify you

If you’ve never played the Fatal Frame, or Project Zero games as they’re known in these parts, then you’ve missed some of the most terrifying and chilling puzzle adventure games from the PlayStation 2 era. Project Zero 2 was re-released on the Wii not too long ago, so there’s little excuse, unless you’re a giant sissy. In it, you play the game using a camera to find and dispel ghosts. The series is making a grand return on perhaps the most perfectly suited bit of gaming hardware available. Yes, the Wii U.

Codemasters’ new game is a lot like their old games

Racing game purveyor Codemasters has been teasing something new of late, and job listing have hinted that the company’s been working on something "exciting new IP for digital and console platforms." That exciting new IP may yet be coming, because it’s newest game isn’t all that new, nor exciting, if we’re perfectly honest. It’s more GRID.

Spider-Man won’t be swinging to the Xbox One

The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame is coming soon, though it looks pretty much anything but amazing at the moment. Still, it’s always fun to swing about as Spider-Man – but it looks like Xbox One owners may have to sit this one out.  All mentions of the Xbox One version of the game have been excised from the game’s official site.

Pay for higher difficulty in The Last of Us

The Last of Us is getting its last Season Pass content drop by way of the Grounded Bundle DLC – and it features a new mode, called Grounded, that ups the single player game’s difficulty level. It’s a little reminiscent of the much maligned Ranger mode in Metro Last Light, which gave a more difficult mode to those who pre-ordered the game. I hope paid for difficulty isn’t a trend.