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Spider-Man won’t be swinging to the Xbox One

The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame is coming soon, though it looks pretty much anything but amazing at the moment. Still, it’s always fun to swing about as Spider-Man – but it looks like Xbox One owners may have to sit this one out.  All mentions of the Xbox One version of the game have been excised from the game’s official site.

Pay for higher difficulty in The Last of Us

The Last of Us is getting its last Season Pass content drop by way of the Grounded Bundle DLC – and it features a new mode, called Grounded, that ups the single player game’s difficulty level. It’s a little reminiscent of the much maligned Ranger mode in Metro Last Light, which gave a more difficult mode to those who pre-ordered the game. I hope paid for difficulty isn’t a trend.  

Nintendo could have had Skylanders exclusivity

While we’re on the subject of companies being offered great properties and turning them down, Nintendo could have been the exclusive Skylanders partner.

Sony reveals PlayStation 4 SHAREfactory

I told you yesterday that we might be expecting a bit of PSN maintenance next week.The servers were probably being updated to make provision for a few new PlayStation 4 features to be patched in with a bit of firmware. Sony’s has now detailed that update, revealing SHAREfactory – a seemingly robust video-editor built right in to the console.

Evolve: In-depth hands-on

Evolve is one of those games picked up from the smouldering embers of THQ’s demise early last year and I’m increasingly starting to think 2K games made a wise purchasing decision.  You may not recognize its developer, Turtle Rock Studios by name, but you’re almost certainly aware of its biggest game; the co-operative zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead. Evolve takes the basic premise of that, as a co-operative shooter and  - I hate myself for saying this – evolves it. And it’s fun.

The next Duke Nukem game might not have Duke Nukem in it

For all intents and purposes, Gearbox now own the not just the rights to Duke Nukem, but the entire IP itself. At least, according to Gearbox. Interceptor and 3D Realms believe this to be nonsense, going so far as to tease a new Duke game in Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction with a website called Litigation seems to be getting in the way.

There may be Easter PSN maintenance

Because our public holidays carry over, this coming Monday will be a day that doesn’t involve getting up early, the daily commute or hurriedly walking around the office with a stack of papers so it looks like you’re actually busy working. Instead, it’s a day to spend with family, or as the case may be, playing lots of video games. Just beware, PlayStation gamers; there may or may not be PSN maintenance on Monday.

Oculus Rift founder thinks VR will replace TV

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new virtual reality revolution. I’ve had some eyeballs-on time with the Rift, and while it wasn’t quite there it was an interesting experience. With Sony set to introduce its own virtual reality headset targeted at its consoles, maybe this time the fad will actually catch on. Oculus rift founder Palmer Luckey believes it’ll do more than just catch on. In the future, he posits, it will replace TV’s entirely.

Xbox One Update rolling out today

Say what you will about Microsoft and the Xbox One, but they’ve been pretty consistent in fixing whatever foibles people have with the system. The latest update for the console starts rolling out today, bringing with it a host of improvements, many of them previously rumoured.

Fanboys are in love with their consoles

We already know that Fanboys – those ardent defenders of even the most glaring faults in their systems of choice – love their systems. Now it’s suggested that they don’t just love them they’re in love with them.

Free to Play is the future of games

I despise micro-transactions, I’m not big on free-to-play games and that’s a sentiment shared by many of you. Tough. According to guys who’ve made a ton of money with micro-transactions, it’s the future, and all developers should transition to using them.

World of Darkness has been cancelled

It feels like World of Darkness, the MMO based on the white wolf’s fictional, gothic universes has been in development for just about ever. Announced in 2006 as part of CCP and White wolf’s merger, it was meant to tie together those universes in one large multiplayer setting, though it seemed to be focused mostly on Vampire: The Requiem with the aim of being “a contemporary vampire simulator.” Doesn’t matter though. 8 years later, and it’s been unceremoniously binned.

Star Citizen’s Dogfighting in action

At a backers-only event at PAX last week, Roberts Space Industries Chris Roberts showed off the game’s dogfighting module, to the glee of the crowd in attendance. And now, thanks to the magic of the internet you get to watch Star citizen’s dogfighting in action. Be warned: It’s very, very buggy.

This year’s GaymerX to be the last

GaymerX, the gaming convention that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer gaming community will be held in July in San Francisco in June this year. It will also be the last. The convention’s organisers have announced that it’s the end of the road for GaymerX.

Crysis (and more!) multiplayer servers shutting

At the end of next month, online gaming server and matchmaking provider GameSpy will be shutting down its servers for good. This will affect every single one of the hundreds of games that utilise the service – with many losing multiplayer functionality completely. Included in the list of games that you’ll no longer be able to play online after 31 May 2014? Crysis.