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Want in on the Evolve alpha? Sign up now!

Evolve is a rather damned exciting game. It’s swept this year’s Games Critics Awards, nabbing the accolade of being the best game shown at E3, along with a handful of other awards, like best shooter and best multiplayer. We’ve had a go at it a few times now, and have loved every minute of its 4v1 evolved multiplayer.  And now you could get the chance to give it a test run for yourself…if you live in North America. Aww, nuts.

Sniper Elite 3 confirms Hitler’s singular ball

If you ascribe to the old blue comedy propaganda deriding Nazi leaders for their odd genitals, you’d know that Hitler had just the one testicle, and you’d know it to the tune of the Colonel Bogey March. Elite Sniper 3 has you sending bullets through the heads of Nazis, but the one affixed to the shoulders isn't the only head worth shooting at.  Aiming for little Hitler in the game confirms the Nazi leader’s monorchism. It’s probably why he was so Fuhrerious.

Here’s how Battlefield Hardline’s changing

The next Battlefield game eschews the modern warfare, and is instead a protracted game of cops and robbers. What it doesn't shrug off, is Battlefield 4’s aesthetic; the game looks, feels and plays like an expansion pack. That’s changing though. Thanks to the recent beta, Visceral has welcomed community feedback and is making a number of changes to how the game feels.

Nvidia’s new Maxwell 880 will make consoles look silly

Rumoured specifications of Nvidia’s upcoming new flagship, Maxwell-based GTX 880 have been flying about for ages. Some have said we should expect the thing to be fabricated on a 20nm process and that it would sport 4GB of GDDR5, packing in 3,200 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores. According to some leaked images, at least some of that is true.

The Vita is actually selling out…in North America

Sony’s PlayStation Vita hasn't been doing well, and even Sony’s relegated it to being a bit of a Portstation and handheld indie gaming device. The thing works better as a PS4 extender than a handheld. The tide though, is turning. Spurred on by the release of the newer, slimmer and more importantly cheaper PlayStation Vita, the thing has started selling like the proverbial hotcake. In fact, Sony’s struggling to keep up with demand.

The IeSF overturns its patriarchal biases

We’ve often decried the MSSA’s backwards mentality when it comes to eSports, in that it segregates men and women. This is patently, and inherently stupid as whatever physical differences exist between genders are rendered moot by videogames. Whenever they've been taken to task over this, they've always pointed the finger at the IeSF. Now that organisation is in trouble over the same thing... and they've got nowhere to point fingers. Thankfully though, things are changing.

EA can no longer claim Dungeon Keeper is “free to play”

Free to play gaming, when done poorly, is a scourge upon this hobby we hold dear. One of the more egregious examples of this is EA’s mobile Dungeon Keeper, which keeps you from doing the simplest of things unless you have infinite time, or an infinite credit card. Because of its nasty implementation, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has deemed it illegal for EA to even use “Free to play” as a descriptor for the game.

The industry is changing, and you need to change with it

Games have certainly changed in just the last generation. No longer relying on Quality assurance, games could be shipped broken, and patched thanks to the internet. They’re also addled with DLC and microtransactions, and there’re mobile games flooding every marketplace. You, core gamers that you are, hate this sort of thing. EA’s Peter Moore reckons you need to get with the times.

Work Avoidance Wednesday – Homurun

Ahh Wednesdays...those little speed bumps in the middle of the week. You've been working hard for two days, and you’re edging closer to the weekend. The last thing anybody actually wants to do on a  Wednesday is actually work, which is why we’re introducing Work Avoidance Wednesdays as a devious time to help you with your wabbing, or work avoidance behaviour.

The best upcoming games, as chosen by critics

A week or so back we told you about the nominees in the Game Critics Awards; the best games from E3 as chosen by North America’s premier video game critics. Today, we tell you who won, and which games have ultimately been selected to partake in the great big annual PR circle jerk. They’re also the game you probably want most over the next year.

You can use your DualShock 4 with your PS3 wirelessly

Since the dawn of time, you've been able to use the infinitely more comfortable DualShock 4 from the shiny new PlayStation with the same numerical suffix  on the older console, but only if you happened to plug it in via USB. It was handy for a dash of multiplayer gaming if you happened to have two sets of each controller and wanted the most out of LittleBigPlanet or PlayStation All-Stars. There were, of course, caveats. Now, the cable is optional.

Get Fifa 15 and Forza free with your Xbox One purchase

We already know that the Xbox One is coming in September 23, at a retail price of R6299 for the version you actually want, or R7999 for the one that includes Kinect. Now, Microsoft SA has announced that pre-orders of the consoles will also include some free games.

No, Destiny didn’t cost $500 million

There’s been a fair bit of debate over just how successful Bungie’s Destiny will end up being. Some want it to fail. Others believe Destiny’s success is good for the industry as a whole. Still, considering Activision’s half a billion Dollar gamble there’s a lot at stake. Only the game hasn’t cost anywhere near $500 000 000.

FIFA 15’s incredible, living players

While we’re still in the throes of World Cup fever, it’s the perfect time for showing off a little bit of the next generation of the world’s best selling sports videogame, FIFA. Its 2015 iteration will focus rather heavily on making the whole affair more realistic – starting with the players themselves.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a fumblebee

Hey, remember how surprisingly awesome the last batch of Transfomers games have been? High Moon Studios somehow made pretty damned good games from the licence that nobody was expecting to be any way decent. War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron were excellent, unshackled from the constraints of the film licence. The latest one isn’t quite as lucky, bridging the gap between the film and game universes. It’s not developed by High Moon this time. It’s also terrible.