Author: Gavin Mannion

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 18 Dec 2014

So it's the end of year which means every media site and their dog are giving out their annual awards. We're no different with our awards starting tomorrow and keeping you entertained during the quiet period that is the silly season. However it seems that retailers are now getting involved and while I'd normally ignore it I just felt this year's list from Kalahari has some perfect examples of why you should never ever trust awards from anyone who is involved in profiting from the sales of games.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 18 Dec 2014

A short while back the most famous person on the planet who appears to have no use, Kim Kardashian, released a mobile game about getting famous in Hollywood. We made our intern review it and laughed and laughed at his attempt to enjoy it. You can check out his review here. Well we all stopped laughing when we heard that the game was going to rake in around $200 million in the first year.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 17 Dec 2014

It's that time of year again, when the jolly red fat man breaks into our houses, steals our whiskey and eats all the cookies. Yes, Uncle Fester's drunken cousin is coming to visit which means we also need to brave the shops and find something for the ankle biters in our family. Obviously Activision would like that something to be this year's version of Skylanders, but do we really need yet another version of the game?

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 10 Dec 2014

SimCity 2000 was released way way back in February of ‘95 and instantly became a cult classic. It’s now 19 years later (feeling old yet?) and the game is still probably the best city builder ever released.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 09 Dec 2014

Yesterday morning I sent out a tweet asking if anyone knows of anyone who wants to buy the very best gaming website on the planet. Since then I’ve been inundated with people interested and even more so by people concerned about what is going on.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 03 Dec 2014

Anita Sarkeesian is back with another video showcasing how terrible it is to be a female in the gaming community. Oh no wait, this is different, this is a video where males of all races tell us how great it is to be a male gamer and lists 25 reasons.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 20 Nov 2014

Over the past few weeks we’ve all been amazed at the massive improvement in graphics that Rockstar has shoved into their Xbox One and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V and the early videos and screenshots showed a near parity between the Xbox One version and the PS4, however it’s not true.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 13 Nov 2014

Lumia are currently running a campaign called #MakeItHappenZA where they are giving people the opportunity to make your dreams happen. Just head over here to tell them your idea. As part of this campaign they approached us to ask us to tell you how we made Lazygamer happen.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 13 Nov 2014

Every company out there of a reasonable size has a slogan that they have carefully crafted that gives you an insight into who they are, what they are striving for and which is generally absolute horseshit.