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Cliffy B is coming back to gaming

Clifford Michael Bleszinski is one of the most polarising developers on the planet. He’s young, super wealthy, has a big mouth and is never scared to open it and tell the world exactly what he thinks.

Gather around and say hi to our new team member

As you heard last week the great and mighty Matthew Figuera won the intern battle to the death, but what you didn’t know was that the battle was just a smoke screen for secret back room deals and corporate espionage.

PlayStation’s TV advertising budget blitzes Xbox

I cancelled my satellite subscription a few months back so I couldn’t even tell you if we've had a lot of local video game advertising on TV - but apparently it is still a massive thing over the US of A.

Are gamers giving up on Titanfall already?

An interesting thread has popped up on NeoGAF asking readers if Titanfall’s population was dropping already or if the game still had the support of the masses.

Australia moves to ban mature video games again

Ah Australia, that dear island country that is populated with all manner of disgusting creatures ready to to kill you at a moment's notice. And the wildlife isn’t too safe either.

Can Evolve truly be a success this year?

So I got my first hands on time with Evolve last night and it has got me thinking about my previous views on the game and whether or not, shock horror,  I was wrong.

Why are local game prices so insanely high?

Much has been said on social media recently about how insanely high our local prices for video games have become and this morning I received an email asking us to investigate this.

The new intern is…

Yes the genius brains behind have finally chosen a worthy champion in the all out battle to be the next intern to be abused and harassed at The champion was possibly chosen by throwing darts at Darryn’s head.

Unboxing of the Logitech Powershell

As eagle-eyed members of the awesome Lazygamer reader club may have noticed we are doing a few more gadget reviews at the moment as well as some random videos. So in that light we bring you the majestic unboxing of the Logitech Powershell by my youngest daughter.

Activision is begrudgingly developing movie tie in games

Darryn recently reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and even though he pretty much loves any super-hero game he summed the game up as “One of the worst Spider-Man games ever made”.

Why hoping Destiny will fail is idiotic

Earlier this week  our friends over at posted an article, with author Caveshen claiming that he wants Destiny to fail for the good of all gamers. Now I’m all for winding people up to get a discussion going but Destiny failing will truly help no one - except perhaps some whiny indie who thinks he is better than everyone else.

The factions for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare may have been leaked

I take some bizarre pleasure out of seeing any news leak from these massive PR machines that control upcoming games these days. The marketing and PR schedule for COD: Advanced Warfare is already totally mapped out and the plan is to drip feed the media and public information all the way up to release.

EA admits to accidently banning innocent Battlefield 3 players

EA are suffering through some bad media of late with complaints about Battlefield 4 still doing the rounds and having to fend of complaints that the new Battlefield Hardline is nothing more than a mod pack for Battlefield 4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts–Invasion DLC review

The final Call of Duty: Ghosts map pack was recently released and I’ve been giving it a run through recently to see what it is all about. Is it a worthy finale or have Infinity Ward left the worst of the bunch for last?

Microlab H30BT Speaker Review

As the popular saying goes, the audio makes the man. Okay I may be making that up but getting yourself some top quality speakers is at worst a guilty pleasure and for some people an absolute necessity.