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Metro Redux Review Round-Up

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Leaked pictures from Dragon Age Keep

One of my favourite things about sprawling RPG’s that span multiple games is that your save carries through, bringing with it the choices you’ve made and their consequences. I don’t think any of would have quite liked Mass Effect nearly as much if that wasn’t the case. The same will hold true for the impressive Dragon Age: Inquisitions – but there’s a problem. Many will be playing this game on new systems. That’s where Dragon Age Keep comes in to play.

Braniac attacks in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego games aren’t exactly complex, and if you’ve played one of them, then you’ve played them all. Still, the one thing that these games do have going for them, is a surprising dedication to their source material and one hell of a lot of gameplay and unlockable goodies, without the need for a credit card. Expect more of that, in Lego Batman 3 :Beyond Gotham. A game which has the whole wide world, in its pants.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul promote the Emmys in the short BARELY LEGAL PAWN

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul promote the Emmys in the short BARELY LEGAL PAWN

Suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal? Big fan of Veep (or Seinfeld)? Then you’ll like this video promoting the upcoming Emmy awards. Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep and Seinfeld fame joins up with Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to [continue @ themovies]

How Far Cry 4 will let you be free

I got to play Far Cry 4 at Gamescom, and I was rather impressed with it. I wasn’t all that blown away at first; it seemed like more of the same – but after some quiet reflection, I realised there was more to it. There’s a far broader range of skills and tools at your disposal, suited to pathed playing – what it just needs now, is to ensure it tells a compelling and interesting story.

Thunder thighs at The Sims 4 academy

You know how The Sims 4 is promising weirder and more interesting Sims? Well, their promotion for the game is also getting really weird, and I'm sort of loving it.

Metro Redux Review Round-Up

You don’t have to have a game on launch day. The thing is, while you may have a burning urge to play said game right now, waiting can be beneficial. And with HD remasters popping up the whole time, you’re not just getting a smoother, complete game. You’re getting quite possibly the best version of that game. And it looks like the hard work on the creepy Metro remasters has paid off. Comrade.

Dirt 4 teased by Codemasters

The Dirt franchise has been the long running king of rally in the gaming world. Dirt 3 was actually a rather solid racing title all round, with some interesting new events like the popular Gymkhana insanity. It looks like Codemasters is finally ready to reveal the next entry.

Pre-purchase Civilization and get Exoplanets

I already told you how awesome Civilization: Beyond Earth looked in the Gamescom presentation. Now they've released some pre-purchase bonuses that are based on real-world exoplanets.

This Metal Gear Solid cosplay is just Rex-cellent

I dig the cosplay scene. Most of you are well aware of this, as I happen to theme my hobby around a certain nocturnal avenger who punches crime and mental disorders with rubber fists of vengeance. It’s hard work making an outfit, and at the end of the day, you can be certain of one thing: Some other bugger is going to put all your hard work to shame. And honestly, I’d have no problem being overshadowed by this mechanised masterpiece.

It’s not just about sex in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware games have had all kinds of weird and wonderful romance options - the sex scenes certainly looked odd, but it was all about getting that paramour achievement. In the new Dragon Age, they took a more organic approach to romance that sounds really impressive.

You can’t afford this Starcraft Kerrigan collectible

Well I sure as hell can’t, that’s for certain. Blizzard has been pimping the collectible side of their games for quite a few years now, with everything from World of Warcraft panda dolls to Diablo skateboard decks being offered. Add another piece of merch to the pile, with this expensive yet sexy statue of the Queen Of Blades herself, Kerrigan.

In Other News – 20 August 2014

As awesome as Geoff and Matty were while sharing our apartment for ants, it is so wonderful to be home. There is truly nothing like your own bed, or playing games in your underwear. Hm, I wonder if any of the booths would have really minded if I'd made myself comfortable there in Germany...