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Original Skyrim saves with mods won’t work with the Special Edition

Hoping to jump in back where you left off with Skyrim: Special Edition? Just make sure you don’t have mod ridden saves lying around.

The evolution of Freddy Krueger

Here’s a look at how Freddy’s changed through his appearances in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Dragon Quest Builders Review – Slimecraft

Dragon Quest Builders is a superb game, appealing to both fans of the series and newcomers alike. Don’t think of this as a Minecraft clone, but rather as a good Dragon Quest game with crafting and building elements.

Watch Dogs 2 is lighter, funnier, and a whole lot more fun to play

Watch Dogs 2 could be the game we really deserved when the series first debuted – improving on the formula in similar ways to the way the second Assassin’s Creed game did.

September Digital Gaming Revenue up 5% to $6.2 million

SuperData research released the September report for Digital Gaming Revenue, which is up by 5% from 2015. That’s less than the expected growth.

Casual gamers: An outdated and bygone group

Gaming has wrestled with the idea of casual gamers vs hardcore gamers for as long as I can remember – but is a distinction that still needs to be made?

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week – 28 October 2016

Missed all the news this week? Fear not, we’ve got your weekly wrap right here!

Movies out Today: 28 October 2016

A less than perfect (but still worth a watch) thriller and a highly rated horror headline our new releases for Halloween weekend, with some other random movies in between.

Final Fantasy XV goes gold, gets online multiplayer DLC, and an ominous (and phenomenal) trailer

Final Fantasy has officially gone gold! Check out this new epic trailer, which should get you well and truly hyped for the game.

Destiny: Where is Xur (and whats he got for sale?) – 28 October 2016

You need guns, and Xur has them! Depending on what kind of a mood he’s in today, that is. Here’s where you can find Xur this weekend in Destiny.

FFD: Battle of the blockbuster shooters

In the space of just a few weeks, there are 3 great shooters available – Battlefield 1, Titanfal 2 and Call of Duty: Ifninite Warfare. Which one tickls you most, and why?

Pokémon Sun and Moon is ditching the Elite Four formula for something new

The Alolan region in Pokémon Sun and Moon has no Pokémon League, as trainers will face the ultimate challenge elsewhere.

Fewer than 100 000 copies of Street Fighter V sold in the last 6 months

According to recent reports, Street Fighter V’s sales have come to a halt.

The Nintendo Switch reportedly has a 6.2” 720p touchscreen controller

Does size matter? Yes it does, especially when you’re talking about capactive touchscreen video game controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

Win one of two R500 vouchers to spend on the Steam Halloween sale with Evopoints

Valve are going to commemorate the spookiest day of the year by throwing a special Steam Sale. To celebrate, Evopoints have come out and given us two R500 Steam vouchers to give away.