Microsoft selling the Xbox 360 for R766

Up close and personal

Are you in the market for a Xbox 360 and Kinect but just can’t scrape up enough money all in one time? Well if so (and you live in America) then Microsoft has a great new offer for you.

You can pick up a 4Gb Xbox 360 + Kinect for a mere $99 from selected Microsoft stores across the US. There is a catch though, while you do get that hardware for that price you are then signed into a contract at $15 a month for 2 years to Xbox Live Gold.

It’s not the worst idea from the company as it aims to counteract set top entertainment options like Apple TV, Roku and the PlayStation 3 which is quickly gaining ground on the non-gaming side of things in America.

A nice touch on the side is that every customer who signs up is also automatically covered under a 2 year warranty so you know you are going to be able to keep on gaming and entertaining yourself for the full 24 months.

What do you think, is this simply Microsoft suckering people into long term payment plans or is it a great move to get more people onto the Xbox 360 bandwagon?

Is it any better or worse than what FNB does locally with its iPad payment options?

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Author: Gavin Mannion

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