How much would you have paid for this massive collection of Star Wars toys?


There’s something relaxing about collecting toys (THEY’RE CALLED ACTION FIGURES DAMMIT!) of a particular franchise. Getting a full run of collectable figures, is a time-consuming and challenging task. Not too mention expensive as hell. And then, you get those people who decide to flog the entire collection that they have built up, such as this one, which recently went up for auction on eBay.

Nearly 2000 action figures heavy and built up from decades of work, sweat and dollars, the set of iconic toys that the Star Wars Museum at Rancho Obi Wan comprised of basically every single bit of merch in existence.

With a 100% of the figures from the 1975-85 run of toys, up until the year 2011, the final round-up consisted of “nearly every Star Wars action figure ever produced”. And the price for more plastic than a Beverly Hills surgery could imagine?

A cool $11 500 (R99678) at the end of the day, well above the $8000 that the collection was originally valued at for the collection that originally belonged to former model-maker Fon Davis, who worked on all six Star WARS FILMS. All those funds will be going towards keeping the non-profit Rancho Obi Wan alive. While the figures themselves, will most likely be carefully sorted and preserved.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys

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