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Dota 2 coming soon, for free!

At the moment, you can only gain access to the Dota 2 beta by paying $29.99 or getting invited by a friend.  Granted, those codes are not exactly hard to come by, but still – technically it’s still in closed beta.  But soon, Dota 2 will be launched for free!

Confirmed by ValveTime, Valve is planning to launch Dota 2 this summer (northern hemisphere) and it will be free!  It will go public before The International 3, which takes place 7-11 August in Seattle.  So, I suppose we can expect it during July, or maybe very early August?  I just wonder how big an impact this will have; most people who were keen to play Dota 2 got a code from someone.  I guess this launch is for the more reluctant Dota 2 gamers.

Speaking of The International 3, the prize pool is less than $47k from it’s next goal of $2.4million.  I think it’s safe to say that it will hit that soon.  I wonder if the compendium will surge when Dota 2 becomes free for all – there might be a bunch of new people who decide to spend $9.99 for perks, and to be a part of eSports history.

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Author:Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let's get on with it!
  • TriangularRoom

    Anyone need a Dota 2 beta code? I only have like a bajillion…

    • hairyknees

      Please give me one! :P

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors



        • hairyknees


    • ElimiNathan

      Lol same

  • Danbates_za

    i still have a billion of these keys if anyone wants

    • Warren Lombard

      If the DOTA players aren’t as belligerent and horrible towards beginners as in LoL, I just might be interested! Will it be worth it for NOOB-Me?

      • Theo Steenekamp

        The dota community I have found are a bit more relaxed towards beginners. They dont have the “elitism” ego hanging over their heads like LoL players.

        • Nick

          really?! I found the complete opposite to be true. especially playing on SA servers

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


          • Theo Steenekamp

            Well… The Battlefield 3 community from SA are a bunch of assholes. And, no offence, when you ask them where they are from… Usually its from these really dodgy areas. I still tend to pick my crowd, but assholes will always be there.

      • U-235

        There is a lovely “play against bots” function you can use along with a multitude of play guides you can read through. If you still feel noob after this, you can play with a mentor.(Beta version has it disabled, but I’m guessing that this will be live when the game launches). So you should have a better idea what you are doing by the time you play pubs.

        • Danbates_za

          i’ve been teaching friends to play, it is not easy and requires patience haha! it can be quite tough as a new player.

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        Its why I stopped playing

      • Matthew Holliday

        no gaming community is noob friendly, but the dota side is somewhat friendlier than others.

        also the player pooling system will mostly put you against similarly experienced players.
        the support from the experienced players towards the noobs is really good, and are really helpfull at times, so starting up is always an option.

  • jGLZA

    lol, its so wierd to think that Dota2 is still in Beta. People been playing it for ages already.

    • Theo Steenekamp

      People have been playing Diablo 3 for ages also..

  • hairyknees

    DOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Matthew Holliday

    Still got 28 left for anyone interested
    hit me up on steam if you want: crit_deviance

    Not particularly interested in the next milestone thing for ti3, looking more towards the 2.7mil one with the immortal item.
    glad to see it finally going open, means the last 3 or 4 core heros are just about ready to be released.

    terrified for the release of techies, but cant wait for abaddon and pitlord.

    • hairyknees

      I added you because its about time we had a game :P

      • Matthew Holliday

        Oooooh, youre matthew figuerurureruarea??

        • hairyknees

          Yeah thats me :) my disqus refuses to let me log in as my twitter handle for some reason :<

    • Argentil

      Techies and pitlord are two of my favourites. Been itching to play them.

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    Fact – Free is less expensive than not free.
    Good guy Valve

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    Anyone want codes? I have pleeeeeeeeeeeenty

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Please Tweet DM me!

      • Ultimo_Cleric N7

        Code DLC cost $5

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        Just add me on Steam Banananananana and I’ve gief to yoooo alles

        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          But, what is your Steam account, Worsie?

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

            Admiral Chief bananananana

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            I have sent you an invitation! The Colonel beckons!

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            NOTED!! heheh

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            And much appreciated, Great Wors! The banana thanks you!!

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

            NP, now you can RAAAGE at me for giving you this :)

      • hairyknees


        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          I can’t remember how to game with a mouse :P

        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          lol, I’m going to regret this, aren’t I? hehehe

          • HvR

            And that boys and girls is how you get addicted to crack..

          • hairyknees

            You’re gonna get hopelessly addicted :P (if you have patience and get over the mofo learning curve and you don’t let every rager get you down)

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  • Kyle ‘Monki’ Diffenthal

    If any New guys are keen on joining DOTA 2, feel free to add me on steam wolverine3346, names MegaD3ath, myself and my mates of [5eA] 5th Element Assassins dont mind playing with the “NEWbies” if you wish and jamming in a party making it easier to learn and play… ill just use a smurf account then as to not get any high lvl guys pub stomping! lol

    And same like everyone I have a Bill Gates amount of Keys for the dam game!

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