In Other News – 13 August 2014

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Amazon sells out of PS4 and Xbox One


24 hours ago we told you about GameStop selling out of their pre-orders and now it’s ‘turn to announce they can no longer guarantee day-one delivery of your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

What’s really surprising here is that the Xbox One was revealed to a massive amount of negativity and yet the day-one console has been sold out at both GameStop and Amazon in less than a month. Not surprisingly the PlayStation 4 has also hit the pre-order limit at Amazon but the big question here really is whether or not the retailer was allowed to take the same number of pre-orders for both consoles.

If so then you have to think that the Xbox One DRM U-turn has been a resounding success and we are in for a real fight when both consoles hit retail shelves later this year.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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  • TiMsTeR1033

    People prob got desperate and ordered the XBONE LMAO!

    South Africa better get enough for xmas as I havent pre ordered yet! Hell I gotta preorder Gta 5 this weekend before its too late!

  • John Ambitious

    Maybe MS only had ten Xbones to sell.

    • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


  • Hammersteyn

    Why would any one want a XBOX One?

    • Airborne

      Probably the same reason why people slow down and rubberneck at bad traffic accidents!

      • Hammersteyn

        Because people are curious about disasters?

        • John Ambitious

          Well said, though I’m not quite curious enough to spend me well-earned money on seeing a disaster.

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        Oh man, you got me with some good lulz there!

    • DarthofZA

      Probably because of the amazing game lineup it is getting…. why else do people buy gaming consoles?

      • Spathi

        I’m still not convinced. Ryse even got more bad press with the whole “Smashing to Mastery” statement from the developers. If they announced all their big games, I really don’t see anything worth fussing about. I’ll wait till Gamescon and make up my mind then. Currently, I’ll be keeping to the current gen.

        DEMON’S SOULS 2!!!

        • DarthofZA

          Keep in mind, of their 9 exclusive studios, only 4 of them have shown games. They haven’t revealed their whole hand yet. I’m skeptical about what qualilty of games those other studios will turn out, but until we see them, we really don’t know.

    • HvR


      • John Ambitious

        I would probably only buy it for Forza. When that game goes cross console or even PC, Xbox sales are going to crash.

        • DarthofZA

          Turn10 is owned by MS. Could come to PC, but never anywhere else.

          • John Ambitious

            That makes me a bit optimistic. I’d buy it tomorrow if it came out on PC.

    • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

      Now now, be nice.

    • Troll Slayer

      OMZZZZ!!! You troll hard whenever the X1 is mentioned.

      Blinkered troll is blinkered.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Good for MS

  • Concerned

    Xbox one was always going to be a huge seller! It can do everything the PS can and then some! (think of it as a grad school vs kindergarden!) Just frustrating we’ll have to import to get it locally by Christmas though! ????

    • Spathi

      It can’t run Gran Turismo :P

      • Concerned

        I believe you just pointed out another PLUS for the Xbox One! ????

        • Spathi

          So that makes it two in total ;)

          • Concerned

            I’m SOLD then(still) Hehe! Only thing I’m still jealous about now is the big ass bling LED and the mic on the Dual shock! ????

          • Spathi

            I think it is a speaker and not a mic, like the Wii controllers.

          • Concerned

            Cool, so it can be used to warn me if my life is low etc.? But what if I’m playing with those nifty bundled PS4 earphones or just on a really loud Hi Fi system? ????. Sony thought of that! You can still see the low life warning of the flashing LED on the TV’s reflection right? Trolololol…. ????

  • WaynsterZA

    BOTH consoles hitting the shelves THIS YEAR? That’s news… Thought we had to wait until 2014 for the XBone. Now that it looks like Titanfall will be a cross platform title, should probably get the PS4 pre-ordered…

    • HvR

      We have to wait till next year (except if you import it yourself) because we are not as good as Merica according to MS.

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        We are not as good yes, we are better :P

      • Jean Jordaan

        Well we are not as “good” as they are. We are a significantly smaller market. They will focus on their main markets then we will get some attention. It just makes business sense.

        • DBL_ZA

          Smaller market has nothing to do with weight limits, does it? :)

          • Jean Jordaan

            Weight limits ?

          • Spathi

            ‘Mericans are overweight :)

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?
    • Concerned

      Cool, just like Xbox 360 & PS3 now? Playing while downloading on next gen looks nice though!

    • Troll Slayer

      Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn *slobber slobber*

    • Concerned

      Laughing so hard at everybody comparing this to MS Family share, man can they even read? ????

  • Eric Viljoen

    Xbone would be easier to sell out per region, as it’s pretty much only available in half the regions. So less stock needed.

  • OVG

    I will wait until they streamline the die on the mother board down to 65nm while all the others overheat and brick. AS USUAL.

    • HvR

      AMD Jaguar cores are made with the 28nm fabrication process


    Wonder how the pre-orders are standing here in SA. I mean the PS4 pre-orders for 2013 and Xbone pre-orders for 2014 SA release.

  • Lacerz

    I’m curious what Sony and Microsoft’s allotment of launch consoles were to retailers. I notice that on Amazon’s “Best Sellers of 2013 (So Far)” list, the PS4 Launch Edition sits at #3 and sold out on 6/13, and that the Xbox One Day One Edition is at #6 and sold out earlier this week. For one to sell out in three days, the other in thirty, yet the one sold out in three to still be 3 spots ahead on the chart speaks volumes.

    The Amazon PS4 bundles, which are also launch items, were discontinued earlier this week as well, but the Watch_Dogs and Battlefield 4 bundles managed to get on that list at #76 and #92 respectively. The PS4 Standard Edition, which is still available, climbs every day and is sitting at #71 as of 7/12.

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